Early Years GOOD NEWS - Passing on the Good News of Jesus
Year 1 Holidays and Holydays - Pentecost: feast of the Holy Spirit
Year 2 spread the word - Pentecost: a time to spread the Good News
Year 3 ENERGY - Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Year 4 NEW LIFE - To hear and live the Easter message
Year 5 TRANSFORMATION - Celebration of the Spirit’s transforming power
Year 6 WITNESSES - The Holy Spirit enables people to become witnesses


Suggestions for home activities

Talk about good news in your family and how you shared it. Ask your child to tell you the story of Pentecost and the work of the Holy Spirit.



Early Years FRIENDS - Friends of Jesus
Year 1 BEING SORRY - God helps us choose well
Year 2 RULES - Reasons for rules in the Christian family
Year 3 CHOICES - Importance of examination of conscience
Year 4 BUILDING BRIDGES - Admitting wrong, being reconciled with God and each other
Year 5 FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY - Commandments enable Christians to be free & responsible
Year 6 HEALING - Sacrament of the Sick

Suggestions for home activities

Talk together about times when you have forgiven and been forgiven. Discuss the importance of saying sorry. Look for opportunities for forgiveness and reconciliation in the day to day life of the family.


Universal church—world

Early Years OUR WORLD - God’s wonderful world
Year 1 NEIGHBOURS - Neighbours share God’s world
Year 2 TREASURES - God’s treasure; the world
Year 3 SPECIAL PLACES - Holy places for Jesus and the Christian community
Year 4 GOD’S PEOPLE - Different saints show people what God is like
Year 5 STEWARDSHIP - The Church is called to the stewardship of Creation
Year 6 COMMON GOOD - Work of the worldwide Christian family


Suggestions for home activities

Together, look through a family scrapbook or photograph album of a visit to a place that is special for your family. Look at a globe or an atlas. Find a special place and pray for the people of that country. Discuss how we can look after our world and support our neighbours, near and far.