St Anthony Class

Active Maths- Measurement- 27.11



As part of our current topic 'Measures' we went onto the playground and split into groups. Using a trundlewheel we were able to measure how far each person was able to throw a beanbag across the playground. Then, we converted our distances (which were originally in metres) to their cm, mm and km equivalents. 

Great Brazilian Bake Off

Pointilism Art (Spots for Children in Need)

Painting Poppies for Remembrance Day

Maths- 02.11.2018


This week, we have been learning how to multiply using the column method. Some of you still found this a bit tricky- if you get a bit stuck, please use the resources at the bottom of the page such as the web links and my maths to help you. There is always really good tutorials that you can find on youtube that take you through step by step. If you have any further problems, come and see us on Monday morning :) 


Mental Health Awareness Day- 10.10.2018


Today we explored why it is so important to be both physically fit but also mentally fit. We looked at small feelings and big feelings and what to do if we feel this way for a long time. The most important thing that we learnt from today is to talk to somebody; a problem shared is a problem halved.

We then thought about ways to relieve stress by doing some of our favourite things, breathing exercises and exercising in general. In the afternoon, we wrote our worries on a worry tree to help clear our minds and we made stress balls to squeeze when we are feeling annoyed or worried.

(apologies if any of these popped- they might need an extra balloon around them to keep them more secure)

Mental Health Awareness Day- 10.10.2018

Homework Help- 05.10.18


Fronted Adverbials:


What are Fronted Adverbials?

Fronted adverbials, put simply, are the words or phrases at the beginning of the sentence to describe the action that follows;

As soon as she could, Tracey ran out to play. (time)

Occasionally, Mum would allow us to select a sweet in the shop. (frequency)

In the distance, he could see the train coming. (place)

As fast as he could, Jack ran home from school. (manner)

Completely exhausted, Holly clambered out of the pool. (degree)


Addition and subtraction:

Lily-Grace's Rocket Experiment

Still image for this video

Explosive Homework


Well done to Lily-Grace who demonstrated her exploding rocket to the class and explained the science behind it all. Here is a video of it taking off!

Space Composition


In ukulele lessons this week, we composed our own songs to the tune of Frere Jacques using the C Chord. We changed the lyrics and made them space themed!

Xavier, Lily-Grace, Isabelle, Morten & Joseph

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Ruby, Alex, Regan & Emily

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Lyric, Phoebe, Oliver & Nadia

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James, Sian, Amelie & Monty

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Holly, Marley, Lexi, Richard & Jacob

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Eden, Lily, Freddie & Faith

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Declan, Eliana, Lucy & Charlie

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Eden, Lily and Regan's Tim Peake Interview


Wow, what a fantastic video with some really exciting facts and fabulous acting skills. Congratulations on your hard work girls.

The video has been uploaded to youtube but has been made private so that only people with the link may view it.

Active Maths- 02.10.18


This week, we have been focusing on addition by using the column method. We have enjoyed it so much and have even taken our maths lessons outside to make them even more fun.


We have come to our final lesson in P.E looking at bridges. We have worked hard on a variety of sequences, looking at wide and narrow bridges, using our partners and creating front and back bridges. We have worked hard to keep in time to music and keep in sync with our partners, showing a clear start and end. And have thought about a variety of ways of travelling to link our moves together, such as rolling and jumping.



In gymnastics, we have been looking at bridges and we are starting to create our own sequences. We are learning to use our core to help us balance and we are thinking about gymnast's pointy toes and hands.


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Peter Thorpe Artwork


We have been using abstract artist Peter Thorpe as our inspiration for our space themed artwork. We used a variety of techniques using oil pastels for our rockets and finding light and shadow and then using paints and glitter to create the background. All this work links in with our Science topic, Earth and Space.

Here are some examples of our 'out of this world' artwork!

Joseph and Lily-Grace Tim Peake Interview

Still image for this video
Lily Grace and Joseph have disguised themselves as GMB's Ben Shepherd and Tim Peake for an interesting interview about his journey into space.
Well done for the great sound effects and props!

You are all capable of amazing things


Picture 1

Number and Place Value

Similes, metaphors and personification

Online Maths Glossaries

Year 5 Tricky Word List

Autumn Term 1 Space, Maps and Rivers Takeaway Homework

Homework in year 5


I like to think of 'home work' more as home practice- practising and cementing the skills that each child is learning in class as well as learning new things. 

Each week you will have a set spelling pattern to learn with some tricky words, the spelling sheet that you receive will explain the rule and give you some examples of how you can practise your spellings. We will complete our spelling test each Friday. 

In addition to spellings, you will receive a piece of maths homework. It is expected that everyone should be able to complete this sheet and there is additional challenges for those who want to go the extra mile and give it a go! 

English work will be alternated, it may consist of comprehension, spag or a short writing piece but this will be explained each week. 

Finally, each half term you will receive a 'Takeaway Homework' sheet. This type of homework is more creative. Some examples: create a powerpoint or video, design a poster, make a recipe, create a game or write a song/poem. This homework will be based around geography, history or science work.

All homework will go home in a purple folder by the end of the week and it is expected that homework should be returned completed back to school the following Wednesday. 

If you are having any problems completing homework then please let myself or Mrs Ellegard know before Wednesday and we will always make time to help you. Alternatively, I will always try to pop some handy hints on this page each week, but remember you could use mymaths, espresso or even youtube (it's often filled with handy video tutorials). 

What will I be learning this Autumn?

Summer Holidays 2018


I hope you are all enjoying your holidays; spending time with your family, enjoying the sunshine, going on trips, relaxing and perhaps going away. Perhaps you would like to bring in postcards, souvenirs or pictures of anything that you have got up to and would like to celebrate in the first few days of term- I look forward to hearing all about it!

Enjoy the last few weeks of the summer holidays and I can't wait to see what this next year brings :)


Miss Rusz