Back to school in September

Back to school in September


Years 1 - 6 will be welcomed back into school from MONDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020. This enables the school to put everything in place to start the new academic year with all the pupils.


Many of the children will be anxious about returning to school, after such a long period away. They may also be worried about being in contact with so many children again, in addition to being unsure what they need to do to keep themselves, and others, safe. Therefore, on Thursday 3rd September, we will be asking half of the class to come in for the morning, to support re-familiarising themselves with the school again. The other half will come in the following day, Friday 4th September. Siblings will be in on the same morning. The children will need to be in uniform (it can be summer or winter).


During the morning session, the class teacher will settle the children, talk through any concerns they may have, explain new routines and reaffirm respiratory hygiene. It will also enable the staff to pick up on any well-being needs from the moment the children come in. In a class of 30 excited children returning on their first day, it would be very challenging to do all of this, so I decided that, for the well-being of the children, we would split the class over these two days.


The children will be leaving after lunch time (times for collection are below and we ask that you follow the pick up directions for your child), so that the children have a sense of how the school day is organised and managed, in a supported and controlled way. Once the children have left, it will give the staff time to flag up any concerns about the children to Mrs Delgado and Mrs Wallen. We can then prepare to put support in place for when the children return, as a whole class, on Monday.


Reception class will start school in the usual way; a staggered weekly start for smaller groups over the following 3 weeks.



What are the drop off/pick up times for the 3rd & 4th September 2020?

Year 1, 3 & 5 – 8.30am drop off,  1.15pm pick up

Years 2, 4 & 6– 8.45am drop off,  1.30pm pick up


Areas for drop off are:

Year 5 & 6 – Back gate by Shoebury Park. Parents are encouraged to park and stride (park in Shoebury Park car park and walk). Parent will drop off at gate and NOT enter the playground in the morning. Leave via Shoebury Park gate once dropped off. This prevents parents walking close to other parents and children who are waiting.


Year 3 & 4 – Year 3 gate in car park. Parents are encouraged to park and stride (park in Asda). Parent will enter through ‘office’ front gate, child will walk up the fenced area towards community suite and enter via the year 3 gate. Parents will then leave via ‘breakfast club’ gate.


Year R, 1 & 2 – Pedestrian gate on Eagle Way. Parents are encouraged to park in Anson Chase, along the road etc.  Parent will drop off at gate and not enter the playground in the morning. Children will enter through EYFS gate and walk in through their external fire door.


What will my child need to bring to school with them?

The children will need to bring: lunch (with additional drink),  coat/sunhat/cap, Filled water bottle Children can bring a school bag with them, but there is no need to bring a book bag as well. We will update parents on this again in September.


What about P.E. bags?

The children will not need a P.E. bag as from September. We are asking that children come dressed for P.E., and remain in their kits, on the timetable days (the class teacher will inform parents which day this is and we will put it on the website).