Be Prepared!

Ensure that your child has everything they need for their day at school.


To keep the site secure, visits to the school, including by parents and carers, will be by prior appointment. There will be no access to the school during the day, therefore no facility to drop something off that has been forgotten. It is vital that all our families commit to being organised and ready for the school day.


What if my child forgets their hat/coat/jumper/?

We cannot accept any non-essential items. The children may have to sit under cover during their social times if they forget their item of clothing, which will unfortunately result in them missing time with their friends.


What if my child forgets their lunch or water bottle?

There is limited capacity to accept these essential items. However, it will have to be during your child’s break time only, when the class teacher or LSA can collect them. You will have to leave the named items in a plastic box outside the Community Suite door.

  • Reception – by 10am
  • Year 2 & 4 - 10.15am
  • Year 1 & 3 – 10.30am
  • Year 5 & 6 – 10.45am


What about P.E. bags?

The children will not need a P.E. bag as from September. We are asking that children come dressed for P.E., and remain in their kits, on the timetable days (the class teacher will inform parents which day this is and we will put it on the website).