Class Activities

                                        Children in Need

To support Children in Need we came to school in 'comfortable' clothes & participated in the Joe Wicks workout with our buddies.

                                  Anti-bullying Week 2019

We've had a very busy week in Year 6 - we have been thinking about the importance of being an upstander not a bystander to help prevent bullying. In groups we wrote, acted & filmed short sketches to highlight this. We also participated in "Odd Sock Day" to celebrate our differences.

Remembrance Assembly

Remembrance Assembly 1
St Peter's Class led the school Remembrance Service this morning, Friday 8th November. Here are some highlights.

Henry Moore Art Work

We looked at some images drawn by Henry Moore during WW2 based on people sheltering during air raids. We re-enacted some of the positions the people sat in and looked at how our bodies were shaped. In groups we used chalks and pastels to re-create one of his famous pictures. 

Brass - In our instrumental groups we used the notes we have learnt so far to compose our own pieces of music.

Active Maths - we practised our division skills in teams of 5. Group 4 were the champions completing the most correct sums in 12 minutes.

On Wednesday we took part in a range of activities to recognise National Fitness Day - we understand that staying fit and active are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

National Fitness Day - Wednesday 25th September