Class Learning

Children in Need Day 2020 - We have had a very busy day in Year 5 focusing on the number 10, the age we will reach during this school year. We started the day supporting Joe Wicks and joining in the end of his 24 hour PE lesson. We each completed 10 laps of the playground. Phew, we were very sporty and active this morning! In the afternoon, we took part in An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, searching for 10 natural objects from a list. We then worked collaboratively to make all our pieces into a natural number 10 on the playground. It has been a great day!

Remembrance Day 2020. Today we have been watching webinar joining almost 300 other classes around the country. We have been learning particularly about World War 1. This is great preparation for when we move up to Year 6 and study this topic in greater detail. We have also been using our art skills to design poppies over a facsimile copy of a newspaper dated August 1914. We respectfully observed the National Two Minutes Silence at 11 o clock this morning on the playground. At the end of the day, we watched the lovely Year 6 Remembrance Assembly. Although this year we were unable to include our Class Poppy Wreath, we have made one to hang in the classroom. Our display looks lovely with a flowing wave of poppies too. We Will Remember Them.

Year 5 have been keeping healthy in the sunshine this morning. We enjoyed an outdoor workshop, learning new skills and developing stamina, speed and skipping success! “I really enjoyed the workshop because it boosted my confidence in skipping. I would love a superspeed skipping rope to keep practising at home.” “I enjoyed learning new tricks.” “I got better at skipping backwards. It was great fun!”

St Anthony has been showing Racism the Red Card today

Today, St Anthony Class took part in an online UK Parliament workshop. We have been learning about the House of Commons and the House of Lords, how a bill is passed to become law and after much consideration suggested who should be chosen to become a Lord and Baroness - Arsenal captain Aubameyang and Mrs Howell! We took part in a quiz to test our knowledge and prepared our own questions for the Q and A session. The Parliament Education Team, who led the workshop, were very impressed with St Anthony Class' knowledge and understanding. Leaders of the future?

A great start to Year 5 - Fun in the sun, a class 'born to shine!'  We have also started our topic 'Marvellous Maps' learning to use an atlas together.  We have been diligently handwashing and keeping within our bubble, and at the end of last week we joined together as a whole school, from our classrooms, for Celebration Assembly.  Congratulations to James for receiving the first Headteacher Award of the new school year.