St George's COVID Advice and Information

Arrangements for full reopening of St George’s from 8th March 2021



Whilst the vast majority of parents, carers and children are looking forward to returning on Monday, I have no doubt there will be a few nervous tummies when thinking about returning. Please know, this is totally normal and to be expected. I am sure you remember how excited, but worried, the children were at the start of the new year in September after six weeks off.  The children will be returning after around twelve weeks off, so it’s totally understandable that the nerves may well be doubled. Please reassure your child that their teacher, their LSA, their friends, and their Headteacher!, will be waiting to welcome them back with a big smile that will help with any of those ‘butterflies’.


Everything will be very similar to what they remember in December 2020  – the personal hygiene (washing hands, sanitiser), safe class bubbles and also the freedom that they do not have to socially distance from each other in the classroom so they can chat, interact and enjoy their time with their peers. Staff are planning activities that will promote collaboration, social interaction, relationships between peers, and most importantly, support the children’s transition back into school life.


A few parents and carers may have concerns about sleep patterns/disrupted night’s sleep, and the effects of this when the children return to school. Again, this seems to be one of the side effects of remote learning and lockdown for many children. It may be the lack of the normal daily school routine, perhaps the children are not ‘naturally’ tired due to limited time outside, it could also be worries about returning to school that has an effect. Once again, please be assured, and reassure your child, that once the children return to school, they will be tired from the day’s activities, will feel much more secure about being back at school and bedtime routines should return to how they were before lockdown.


As you know, we cannot wait to get all the children and families back, but we realise that as a school community, we need to keep everyone safe. Therefore we will still have clear procedures in place, especially over the next three weeks. We are so close to the lifting of restrictions which will allow us to enjoy our normal lives once again - let’s pull together and make sure this happens.


The procedures which are still in place are:

  • If your child has any symptoms linked to Covid 19, please keep them at home and get them tested straight away. If you do not wish to test your child, they will have to remain home for 10 days. Please do not send your child into school if you have given them paracetamol, such as Calpol, as this can disguise a temperature. If you are unsure, please ring the office for advice and we will be happy to chat it through with you.
  • The office is currently closed to parents. If you have any queries, please email or ring the school on 01702 293522.
  • Breakfast and after-school club are available to book online via Wisepay.
  • All meetings with parents will be online or via phone. We ask that parents do not discuss issues face to face with staff before/after school. This prevents adults gathering, in addition to maintaining social distancing.
  • We expect all adults to maintain 2m distance between households, or a 1m plus with extra precautions, such as a face covering, when dropping off or collecting the children. This includes the children of other households, unless you are collecting them from school.
  • We expect all adults who are on, or around the school site, to wear a mask. This is mandatory, unless you are exempt.
  • Please ensure that you drop off and pick up at your designated time. This ensures that we can get 210 children and 150+ families safely in and out of school every day.
  • Please do not gather outside the school to socialise with other adults.
  • Please ensure that your child has everything they need for the school day – coat, lunch, water bottle and reading books (if it is your child’s designated day).
  • Children will come into school wearing their P.E. kit on P.E days. Please see below for confirmation of your child’s day.

Reception - Thursday

Year 1 - Friday

Year 2 - Wednesday

Year 3 - Wednesday

Year 4 - Thursday

Year 5 - Tuesday

Year 6  -Tuesday


Procedures which will also be in place from 8th March 2021

  • Only ONE adult at drop off and on site collection. We ask that, if there are additional adults, they wait on the other side of the road/at a distance from the gates.
  • If siblings are accompanying pick up, they must stay with their parent or carer at all times.


Drop off and pick up

This will now be done in FAMILY groups, not year groups. All the children within a family will enter and be collected at the end of the school day in the same place. Some children will have to walk around the outside to their classrooms, but they will be accompanied by older siblings if necessary. At the end of the day, older siblings will either collect, or join their sibling for collection.

There will still be the staggered times for drop off and collection. The children will be assigned a group number. 

Group 1      Drop off time  8.40am      Pick up time 3.10pm

Group 2      Drop off time  8.45am      Pick up time 3.15pm

Group 3      Drop off time  8.50am      Pick up time 3.20pm

There will also be three areas that the children will be dropped off and collected from

1) Pedestrian gate by Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 classes/Infant half of the playground

2) Pedestrian gate that leads to Shoebury Park/Junior half of the playground

3) Front of the school/pathway to the community suite


All parents will receive a separate email which will:

  • Inform you of which group your child/ren are in
  • Where you will need to drop off and collect your child/ren (this will be the same place) 


Rapid lateral flow testing for households and bubbles of school pupils

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still pass it on to others. Regular testing of people without symptoms (asymptomatic testing) is important to help stop the virus spreading. The Department of Health and Social Care announced that from Monday 1st March, households with primary age, secondary age and college age children, including child care and support bubbles, can test themselves twice weekly at home as schools return from Monday 8th March.

The twice weekly test kits can be accessed:

  • via employers if they offer testing to employees- your employer may offer rapid lateral flow testing to you, contact your employer to find out more.
  • at a local test site- testing at these sites is assisted, which means you will swab yourself under the supervision of a trained operator. You may need to book an appointment. Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site.
  • by collecting a home test kit from a test site- you can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Each pack contains 7 tests.
  • by ordering a home test kit online- if you cannot get to a local test site you can order a home test kit online. (The government has asked that you do not order online if you can get to a test site as this frees up the home delivery for those who need it most.)


What does twice-weekly testing involve?

You will be asked to:

  •  take a test twice a week (3 or 4 days apart)
  • report every result to the NHS Test and Trace on the same day you take the test.
  • Report your test result online or by calling 119.

If anyone tests positive or gets coronavirus symptoms you should tell the school and:

  • self-isolate immediately
  • get a PCR test to confirm the result
  • follow the stay at home guidance for households with positive coronavirus infection.

A negative result means the test did not find signs of coronavirus at the time the test was taken. You should still keep following all coronavirus advice including:

  • regular hand washing
  • social distancing
  • wearing a face covering where recommended

We encourage regular testing of households of primary school pupils. You can test your child as part of the household, but there it is no expectation that this must be done in order for your child to attend school. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, via the office, FAO Mrs Delgado.

Advice on dropping off/collecting your child from School