This week as we begin to think about moving to our next class we have found the perfect story book to help us.  We are going to think about how unique and special we are, how we are and have fantastic friends and share all the kind things that we do to help others.  In Year One we have been amazing at that!  


Enjoy the story! 

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish w...

Summer Term 2 - Week 5

Barry The Fish With Fingers

Barry the Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra part of 'Bedtimes Deserve Books' www.facebook.com/readwriteink Episode 1'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' https://www.you...


Summer Term 2 - Week 4

Commotion In The Ocean by Giles Andreae

SPAG Mat 3

Summer Term 2 - Week 3

The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson - Children's Story Read Aloud by This Little Piggy

The Singing Mermaid, tempted by the greedy circus owner Sam Sly to live in fame and luxury, experienced nothing but the brutal living conditions of the circu...

Spelling and Grammar Mat - please choose the most appropriate.

Summer Term 2 - Week 2

sharing a shell by julia donaldson

sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson illustrated by Lydia Monks.

Spelling and Grammar mat - please choose the most appropriate

Summer Term 2 - Week 1


This half term I thought we might like to have a look at some 'Under the Sea' books.  The book is below for you to read and listen to.


There are lots of ideas as to what writing you could do about the book.  Please choose at least 2 of the ideas to have a go at this week.


Although Mrs Fitchew and I will be in school more we would still love to see all lovely the work that you have been doing at home on Purple Mash.


There is also another interesting reading comprehension below.



Have fun! 

Summer Term 2 - Week 1

Books for Kids Read Aloud: (A Julia Donaldson Storybook Collection) Tiddler the story telling fish

Tiddler the story telling fish By Julia Donaldson Illustrated by Axel Scheffler The smallest fish can tell the tallest tales. 'Sorry I'm late, Miss. I set of...

Reading Comprehension - Please choose the most appropriate level.

Summer Term - Week 5


Well done on all the fabulous stories from last week.  Mrs Fitchew and I were so proud of how hard you all tried and the amazing ideas and writing.  If you haven't quite managed to get it done do have a go as we would love to read them.  


This week I would like you to concentrate on some reading.  Please choose books that you can read on your own or with an adult and look at the book review below.  See if you can think about what you have read and answer the questions honestly!  You might not like the book and that is ok.  You can give your book a star rating where 1 is not very good and 5 is excellent.  Please post your reviews on the Purple Mash page so that we can see what books would be really good to read.


If you need an extra writing activity, I have put some pirate pictures below to help you think about some pirate writing. They look quite silly!


Have fun!


And don't forget that Spelling Shed has some phonics and tricky word activities on too! 



Summer Term - Week 4 


This week we are going to write our stories.  You have already worked hard on your characters and settings so you have done lots of the hard work already!


Think carefully about what will happen in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.  You only need to write a little bit each day so please don't think it all has to be done in a day.  You could always illustrate them too! 


Have a listen to my video below and hopefully that will make it a little clearer.


I can't wait to read your exciting stories this week! 


Don't forget that there is also a comprehension below and spelling shed has some tricky word and phonics activities for you to do too if you have a chance to do them.


Hope you enjoy the stories! 






10 May 2020

Summer Term - Week 3 


Well done on all your villains and baddies last week.  I was quite scared of them all especially since you thought of such great adjectives to describe how terrible they were! 


This week we are moving onto thinking about settings.  If we were creating our own story about our baddie where would you like it to take place.  Would it be in a dark, gloomy forest, or a tall, spooky castle?  


The first writing task of this week is to decide where you would want it to be.  There are some pictures to look at below to help you decide.  A hot desert, a busy town, in the depths of a jungle....  the choice is yours!  


Next I would like you to pretend you are there.  Close your eyes and imagine. 

What can you hear, see and smell?  


Complete the sheet or write the ideas in your book if you cannot print it out.  Try to use as many wow words as you possibly can.  I have given you lots below to help you. 


On another day, you can find a picture or draw a picture of your setting and write about it in sentences.  There is a checklist below but don't forget to get your checklist, your tricky words and phonics out of your pack to help you.  


There is an example below of some writing which I think is a good example.  I bet you could make yours even better!  


Please photograph your work and put it on Purple Mash.  You can always do a little bit every day!  

Summer Term Week 3 - Part 1

Describing a setting

Summer Term Week 3- Part 2!

Story Setting Song

This is a temporary file for a class project.

Examples of different settings for prompts

Super adjectives to describe a setting

Reading comprehension - Please choose the most appropriate one.

Summer Term - Week 2 


This week in English we are going to carry on looking at the story of Cinderella.  Well done on all your fantastic adjectives and wonderful writing and posters last week! 


The first thing we are going to look at this week is the villain of the story or the baddie as we might know them.  In this story it was the wicked stepmother who was cruel to Cinderella. 


First of all, see if you can plan all the adjectives that describe her.  There are some examples for you below on the word mats. 



Then I would like you to think of what kind of villain you would like to have in your own story.  Would they be mean and cruel?  Creepy or scary?  What would they look like? 



Could you draw your villain and write a description using your super sentences.  Remember to use your checklist. I am particularly looking for longer sentences that have used a word (conjunction) to join them together.  There is also some examples of possible choices in the information below.  I can't wait to be scared by your terrible villains!  


There is a template below if that is helpful! 




This term in our English we are starting on a topic all about Fairy Tales.  


First of all I would like you to talk to anyone in your house about what you think a Fairy Tale is.  What do you think a Fairy Tale always has in it?  Are there any words that we might always hear or read in a fairy tale?   On Purple Mash there is an English blog where you can share your ideas with us.  I'm looking forward to blogging with you about it!


Our first Fairy Tale which we are going to look at is Cinderella, my all time favourite! Below you will find the story on powerpoint and a clip from the old Disney film.  I would like you to try and read as many different versions as you can.  Do you have any Cinderella books at home?  Have a think.... are they all the same or are there some differences?   Try to write down the similarities and differences of the stories.  Maybe the characters are slightly different, maybe they have different names or they look different.  Let us know on the English blog!  


Have a think about Cinderella.  Try to list all the adjectives (describing words) that you can about her.  Don't forget to use your phonics carefully and start your letters in the right places!  Are the the most interesting words you can think of?  Do your mum and dad have any wow words they can help you with?  


Now try and write super sentences to describe Cinderella.  Don't forget to use your check list!  You need to try and use your adjectives to make it a really interesting piece of writing.  


There is a wordmat to help you if needed.  


There is also a Wanted Poster you could print out but you could create your own.  You could draw Cinderella or find a good picture and print it off.


Maybe you'd then like to do a Wanted Poster for the wicked Step mother!


Have fun learning all about Cinderella.  You have my permission to watch Cinderella films too.  I will be!  Make sure you can tell everybody what happens in the story in the right order!  

The Work Song cinderella ENG

Cinderella Comprehension - Choose which one is the most appropriate