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Instruction Tasks


Task 1:

- Find instruction texts around your house. These could be recipes, game instructions, instructions to build/fix things etc.

-Make a note of what they are and how are they presented. Are they books, leaflets, posters etc?

-Write down what you notice about the way the instructions are set out. What features does instructional writing have?
Headings, bullet points, pictures etc.

-Find imperative verbs (bossy verbs) in the texts and write a list. 


Extension: Use a thesaurus ( or using one from the internet or word) can you find synonyms for the imperative verbs you have found. Remember, a synonym is a word that has a similar meaning.
E.g Fast- quick, swift, speedy


Task 2:

Play a game of Simon says. Take it in turns being 'Simon' and remember to think about the imperative verbs you are using.


Set up an obstacle course. 

Choose someone to complete the obstacle course and then blindfold them. The other person should give clear instructions on how to complete the obstacle course. Remember to be clear in your instructions and think about how much you want people to move. 

Swap roles and become the person completing the obstacle course now!

1.Was this tricky?
2.What did you have to do to make it easier for the blindfolded person?
3.Anything else that you noticed?


Task 3:

Choose some instructions to follow. You might learn a new skill and do some baking/cooking. Maybe you could learn to make a cup of tea and treat your parents! You could learn how to do a hair style or a football skill. How about practising how to draw something and following an instructional video. Or maybe you could play a game and read out the instructions to follow. 

Upload pictures of you following the instructions and what you had to do onto the class blog.