Task 1

Draw a picture of a house and colour it in.
(all will be revealed in Task 2)



Please upload this picture into the English blog as examples are important for task 2!

Complete 2Do- George Misbehaves
Task 2

Look at the pictures that your fellow classmates have uploaded onto the English blog on purple mash and compare it to yours.
1. What features are the same?
2. What is different about your drawings?

3. How do they look different?

4. Why do they look different?
You might share your thoughts on some of the pictures.


Now draw a second picture of a house but follow these instructions very carefully.
1. Draw a square 15cm x 15cm

2. Draw a triangular shaped roof. The Triangle should be 17cm along the bottom so that it goes 1cm past the house.

3. In the middle of your square on the bottom line,draw your door. It is a rectangle shape 2cm x 6cm

4. In each of the corners to make windows, draw 4 squares which are 3cm x 3cm

5. Colour the roof in red, the door in blue and the
house in yellow. Give the windows red curtains.


Upload a picture of your new house onto the English page.

Task 3

Look at the pictures of everyone’s second houses. They should look very similar. That is because you all followed the same set of instructions.

We are going to start writing our own instructions based on Roald Dahl. Please read the text about Roald Dahl’s inspiration for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. This can also be used as a daily reading task.

Task 3- Roald Dahl Extract

Task 4
Brainstorming ideas
Willy Wonka needs your help designing a new sweet…”Rainbow Drops.” There is no expense spared and the Oompa Loompas are particularly skilled at retrieving the impossible.
Your task is to brainstorm ideas ONLY. (Please do not write any instructions yet) Please see my example which you will find on the purple mash blog and also here:
Think of the colours of the rainbow and an object that goes with it. It can be as random and creative as you like. 
Ext- adjectives/similes to explain.

You could take pictures of your brainstorm and post on the blog, especially if you would like me to check your work.

Task 4

p.s- spot my spelling mistake in task 4!