Friday 25th September


We have phonics every day in year one and the children are in three different groups.  


This week Mrs McLoughlin and Mrs Wall's groups have been looking at qu, ch and sh.  We have been looking at how we form the letters correctly as well as sounding out and writing words down.  In Mrs McLoughlin's group we have also been listening to simple sentences and having a go at writing them.  

Mrs Fitchew has been looking at s, a, t, i, p, n.


Please do practise the phonics and writing letters at home.  Below there is a letter formation sheet that can be followed.  There is also a phonics phase 3 mat of all the sounds that we will be working on over the next few weeks. 


In addition to phonics we do a few tricky words which are too tricky to sound out.  This week our focus is:







These are the words that we would like the children to remember how to spell and will be looking for in their writing.  We do not have a spelling test in year one.


Please also remember to spend 10 minutes or so reading with your children every day.  It makes a huge difference.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin


Friday 18th September


The children should all now have their reading books.  Please try to read every day for about 10 minutes.  Your child's reading day should be inside the front cover and we will need the children's books back in school on that day every week.  

Do let us know if your child is finding the book too difficult. Please make a comment for every read and sign the reading record.  Our reads for certificates will begin on Monday 21st September.


There is also some phonics work on Purple Mash.  Their passwords are inside their reading records and the children will find a 2Do when they log on. 


There are also activities that can be tried on Spelling Shed.  These codes are also found inside the reading record.  Do have a go and let us know if you have any difficulties with accessing the programs. 



The children are all settling well and have been working hard.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin