Friday 11th December


We are fast approaching the end of term but we have still managed to work hard on our phonics amongst the Christmas activities.


This week Mrs McLoughlin's group have been learning:



Please practise words such as cloud, loud, ouch, pie, tried, fried, peach, reach, annoy and enjoy


Mrs Wall's group have been practising:


Please practise words such as card, march, harp, fork, sport, fort, burn, hurt, churn.


Mrs Fitchew's group have been practising:

Please practise words such as night, tight, sight, and fight. 





This weeks spellings:









Please do keep practising the reading at home. 



Have a lovely weekend, 


Mrs McLoughlin 





Friday 4th December


It has been an exciting week this week as we embarked on our 14 days of Christmas.  We have made snowmen, Christmas cards, advent wreaths and snowflakes already!  The children have been very busy and have had a very enthusiastic approach to everything this week!



Mrs McLoughlin's phonics group have started Phase 5 phonics this week.  Please do practise these sounds and practise reading them in words. 




Mrs Wall's group have been practising er and have been practising ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo.


Mrs Fitchew's group have been practising their phase 3 phonics and have been working on wh this week.  Please practise at home to recognise the 'wh sound. 











We have been working hard at our number bonds to 10 and have been working on addition and subtraction this week.  Please make sure you write your numbers correctly.  Have a go at these word problems at home.  You could also be snappy with your number bonds to 20 too! 



Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mrs McLoughlin 





Friday 20th November


This week we have been thinking about being kind to everyone.  We have talked about ideas and celebrated when others are kind to us.  Below are some ideas for you to continue to be kind at home. 



The children have worked hard at their phonics assessments this week and we are all proud at how well they are doing.  Please do continue to practise the phonics at home. 


Our spellings this week are:







Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin





Friday 13th November


We have had a busy week this week and we are continuing to work hard whilst preparing for our Nativity play too.


Next week we are doing some phonics assessments so do please practise all of the phonics that have already been sent home so far for homework this week.


Please do also continue with all of the reading at home.  It has been a pleasure to see the children grow in confidence as they are enjoying their reading more and more. 


Have a wonderful weekend, 


Mrs McLoughlin 




Friday 6th November


Spellings this week are:







This week in Mrs McLoughlin's phonics group we have moved onto our phase 4 phonics.  We have been looking at CVCC words that are sometimes a bit easy to forget an important sound.  

Do practise words such as tent, damp, bump, milk, think, sink.

Have a go at writing a silly sentence such as A lost chimp felt so sad he wept.


Mrs Wall's phonics group have been practising oa and ur this week.  Please have a go at words such as goat, float, stoat, toast, fur, church, burn. 


Mrs Fitchew's phonics group have started on their phase 3 phonics this week and are bringing a phase 3 mat home to practise.  This week they have learnt sh, ch, th and wh.  Please do keep practising the phase 2 and phase 3 phonics with the children. 




Thank you for all your support in reading at home.  It makes a huge difference and we are already seeing real progress in the reading in school. 


Have a lovely weekend. 


Mrs McLoughlin 









Friday 23rd October


Phonics this week:







Please do practise all of the Phase 3 phonics.



Mrs Fitchew's group need to practise their phase 2 sounds.













Please keep on with the reading practise this week.




The children have had a very busy few weeks and have worked hard at settling into year one.   Below is an autumn checklist to find signs of autumn on your lovely autumnal walks this week.


Just a reminder that the parish Christmas card designs can be submitted after half term.  Details are in the school newsletter.


Wishing you all a wonderful break, 


Mrs McLoughlin 




Friday 16th October


This week the phonics to practise for Mrs Wall and Mrs McLoughlin's phonics groups are:





Do try practising writing words such as park, sharp, bark, farmyard, torn, worn, fork, burn, churn, turn and surf.


As usual Mrs Fitchew's phonics group will be bringing some activities home.  Don't forget to look!


Well done on all the name practising.  Keep it up and do try to form your letters correctly.


Spellings this week










This week we have been looking at our 2D shapes and their properties.  Do try and do the quiz below to identify the shapes and tell our families how many sides and corners they have.  I wonder if you could find lots of different shapes at home.  Maybe you could draw or write a list of what you have found and bring it in to show us.   

There is also a shape activity on Purple Mash for you to have a go at. 


Please remember that our PE day has changed to Friday next week!


Have a relaxing weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin 



Friday 9th October 


Phonics this week

Mrs Wall and Mrs McLoughlin's groups have been looking at:







Please do practise reading and writing these sounds at home.  Maybe you could practise writing words such as need, sleep, night, flight, cloak, goat, moon, spoon, look and book.

Please so check that the children are forming the letters correctly. 


Mrs Fitchew's group will be bringing activities home. 


Spellings this week:







Name writing!

Could we also ask that the children practise writing their names (and last name) using a capital letter only at the beginning and forming the letters correctly.




Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs McLoughlin 










Friday 2nd October 


This week has been an exciting week in Year One as we have been investigating the crime scene after Goldilocks broke into Baby Bear's Cottage.  We have created Wanted Posters and completed crime reports about the incident.  Apologies if anyone was worried about Goldilocks.  We did also find some CCTV footage of the porridge thief!  We have now talked about Fairy Tales not being real! 


Our phonics this week has been looking at th, ng and ai for Mrs McLoughlin and Mrs Wall's groups.  Mrs Fitchew's group have been working on s, a, t, i, p and n and making words with those sounds. Look out for the exciting pack from Mrs Fitchew today!  


Please do practise these sounds and writing them, using correct letter formation, at home.


Our spellings this week are: 








Don't forget your reading too!


If you are still keen beans to do more you can find some extra activities on purple mash and Spelling Shed.


Have a lovely weekend, 


Mrs McLoughlin


Friday 25th September


We have phonics every day in year one and the children are in three different groups.  


This week Mrs McLoughlin and Mrs Wall's groups have been looking at qu, ch and sh.  We have been looking at how we form the letters correctly as well as sounding out and writing words down.  In Mrs McLoughlin's group we have also been listening to simple sentences and having a go at writing them.  

Mrs Fitchew has been looking at s, a, t, i, p, n.


Please do practise the phonics and writing letters at home.  Below there is a letter formation sheet that can be followed.  There is also a phonics phase 3 mat of all the sounds that we will be working on over the next few weeks. 


In addition to phonics we do a few tricky words which are too tricky to sound out.  This week our focus is:







These are the words that we would like the children to remember how to spell and will be looking for in their writing.  We do not have a spelling test in year one.


Please also remember to spend 10 minutes or so reading with your children every day.  It makes a huge difference.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin


Friday 18th September


The children should all now have their reading books.  Please try to read every day for about 10 minutes.  Your child's reading day should be inside the front cover and we will need the children's books back in school on that day every week.  

Do let us know if your child is finding the book too difficult. Please make a comment for every read and sign the reading record.  Our reads for certificates will begin on Monday 21st September.


There is also some phonics work on Purple Mash.  Their passwords are inside their reading records and the children will find a 2Do when they log on. 


There are also activities that can be tried on Spelling Shed.  These codes are also found inside the reading record.  Do have a go and let us know if you have any difficulties with accessing the programs. 



The children are all settling well and have been working hard.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Mrs McLoughlin