I like to think of 'home work' more as home practice- practising and cementing the skills that each child is learning in class as well as learning new things. 

Each week you will have a set spelling pattern to learn with some tricky words, the spelling sheet that you receive will explain the rule and give you some examples of how you can practise your spellings. We will complete our spelling test each Friday. 

In addition to spellings, you will receive a piece of maths homework. It is expected that everyone should be able to complete this sheet and there is additional challenges for those who want to go the extra mile and give it a go! 

English work will be alternated, it may consist of comprehension, spag or a short writing piece but this will be explained each week. 

Finally, each half term you will receive a 'Takeaway Homework' sheet. This type of homework is more creative. Some examples: create a powerpoint or video, design a poster, make a recipe, create a game or write a song/poem. This homework will be based around geography, history or science work.

All homework will go home in a purple folder by the end of the week and it is expected that homework should be returned completed back to school the following Wednesday. 

If you are having any problems completing homework then please let myself or an LSA know before Wednesday and we will always make time to help you. Alternatively, I will always try to pop some handy hints on this page each week, but remember you could use mymaths, espresso or even youtube (it's often filled with handy video tutorials).