Medical Matters

Medical matters


It is vital that any child or adult that is unwell must not come to the school. We must, as a community, take up a personal responsibility to protect those around us.


Previously, children have still come to school, if they have felt a little off-colour, seemed a little warm, had a spoonful of Calpol etc., to see how they go. This can no longer be the case. It is vital that anyone who is present in school is well, and is not suffering from any type of virus. We are unable to tell the difference between viruses and if symptoms are displayed by pupils or staff, that are similar to COVID, we will not take any chances and will insist on the individual leaving the site immediately and being tested. As you can imagine, if this is your child’s class teacher, this could lead to several days of disruption to your child’s education. I know it may be inconvenient for children to stay away from school, so that you can monitor their temperature and ensure they’re fit to return, but we all have to take responsibility to keep everyone safe. Online learning will be provided for children who are absent from school so they do not miss out on their education. There will be no attendance awards this year, as we are promoting ‘well attendance’, rather than ‘continual attendance’.

There will be a digital thermometer in every class to accurately measure and monitor children’s temperature. 

If your child has diarrhoea/sickness they will need to be absent from school for 48 hours (taken from the last bout).


What if my child has a temperature whilst at school?

You will receive a phone call from the school and will have to pick your child up immediately.


What if I am at work and cannot get to the school straight away?

You will need to ensure that you have a family member, or trusted adult, that can pick the child up when you receive the call.


What if I am unsure whether to send my child or not?

Please contact the school at the earliest opportunity. We will talk through any symptoms your child has and make a decision from the information you give us.


What is my child has a persistent cough?

A persistent cough is one of the symptoms related to COVID. If a child is persistently coughing, there is also the risk of spreading droplets through the air, which could increase the transmission of any virus. If they need to cough to clear their throats, or it is a tickly cough due to allergens, the children will be encouraged to cover their mouth then wash hands, use tissues or cough into their elbows. However, if it is persistent, we will ask that the child remains at home until it subsides.


What about other symptoms? What else should I look out for?

We will continue to update parents as we receive information from the Government and Public Health England about symptoms to be aware of.


If a child is displaying symptoms which are COVID-19 related, they will be moved immediately to the parents’ room in the foyer. You must come and collect your child immediately and book a test to establish if it is COVID-19. The class will remain in school until results are confirmed. Current guidance states that parents of other children in the bubble do not need to be informed at this stage, as it may be negative.


If the result is positive, the class and staff will need to stay at home for 14 days. The class teacher will deliver online learning during that time.  If a class teacher is isolating due to track and trace, they will still deliver learning from home and LSAs will support in class with necessary resources etc.


Any minor injuries will be dealt with by the class teacher or learning support assistant for the class, as we have done since our partial opening.  If there are any serious injuries, Mrs Wallen or Mrs Delgado will be on hand to deal with them. If it is a serious injury, you will be contacted, and your child will be monitored and looked after in the office foyer area until you arrive.