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Perspective Seaside Art

* Black History Month *


October has been a special month where we have celebrated the lives of many significant individuals and have explored a range of cultures during Black History Month. 
We have learnt about the importance of celebrating and respecting different cultures, races, religions and genders all around the world. This included looking at the lives of Billie-Jean King, Malala Yousafzai, Nabil Shabhan and recognizing that no matter your gender or disability, everyone should be treated equally. 
Year 3 then learnt about the significant impact of Martin Luther King Jr and his dream for the world to be fairer place. We were inspired by his words to write about our own dreams for the future.


* Ndebele Art & Tingatinga Art *


As part of our Black History Month celebrations we have been looking at different art work from around the world. Tingatinga art originates in Africa and was started by Edward Tingatinga. It features animals and bright, bold colours often with circles representing the pattern of animal skin. 

We also looked at Ndebele art which comes from the Ndebele Tribe in South Africa. Ndebele artwork was painted on the houses of the tribe members, specifically by the women. The patterns also featured bold colours offset by white and black, which were symmetrical. 

Ndebele & Tingatinga Art

* The Year of St Joseph *

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being solemnly declared Patron of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius IX this has been declared the year of St Joseph. St Joseph was Mary's husband and he was Jesus's father. We decided to make lilies because St Joseph is often depicted with a lily.


The story of the lilies

Mary, the daughter of Anne and Joachim, was now old enough to get married. In those days, parents
and priests chose the person a girl was going to marry. The high priest Zacharias was to decide on Mary’s husband. He knew that God had brought Mary into the world for a special reason, so he prayed asking God to help him make the right choice for Mary. An angel came to him and said, “Call all the men that you can choose from to come to the temple. Tell each one to bring his walking stick. God will use the sticks to give you a sign of which man should be the husband of Mary.” So all the men arrived with their walking sticks, and left them there as Zacharias requested. Among them was a good person named Joseph who was a carpenter. In the morning, all the walking sticks were stilled lined up, expect for one, from which beautiful lilies had blossomed during the night! The stick belonged to Joseph. Zacharias the high priest knew then that Joseph was the man God had chosen for Mary. It is for this reason that Joseph is often depicted holding a lily flower

St Joseph Lillies

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