This week your maths tasks are based around decimals. The White Rose Maths page has 4 lessons, they move very slowly in each step and each lesson builds on the one from before. There at supplementary videos for each lesson and a question sheet with answers. 

During the video there are times where it suggests to stop and answer the questions from the question sheet, please do not feel like you have to do this. I am aware that some of you will not be able to print, if this is the case, you can copy your answers straight from the screen onto paper. Another alternative, is that you do not complete the paper tasks. You could use the tasks set on my maths instead in the order written below. They do not cover every video but they cover:

Decimal Place Value
Complements to 1
Decimal Complements


If you wish to complete both the White Rose and My Maths tasks that is fab!


In addition, please set up and use Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS). Change your avatar and choose your name and then explore the website. You can challenge friends, teachers and practice. You will initially be asked to complete a test of 100 questions so tasks can be personalised to you. 


Miss Rusz