Plan for full reopening in September 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

During the last five months, St George’s Catholic Primary School has been a very different place; a partially opened school for specific children whose parents needed critical care, and more recently, identified year groups for one day a week. We are now in a position that from September, everyone can come back to school and we can be whole again.
We have endeavoured throughout this time, to effectively communicate news and information with families and I am extremely proud of how this has been achieved. Whether it be through the newsletter, videos from staff and children, virtual sports week, phone calls, emails, the list goes on. I know that you all have appreciated the clear information during these uncertain times.
This letter will outline how the school will operate from September. As I have always said, decisions have been made with the health and safety of everyone in mind. Government guidelines have been adhered to, in addition to focusing on what we CAN do to reinstate school life, rather than what we can’t.
The staff have already been made aware of their responsibilities through briefings and these will be revisited before the children return in September. The children will be made aware of their responsibilities to keep themselves and everyone safe, when they return in September. It will, of course, be age appropriate and at a level the children understand. As parents and carers, you have three key responsibilities which will be fully explained in the document.

  • Children cannot be in school if they are unwell, especially if they have a temperature.
  • Ensure you are well and be punctual at drop off and pick up times and follow the guidance on routes in and out of school.
  • Ensure that your child has everything they need for their day at school.


I would personally like to thank everyone for your support during the last 5 months and know that this will continue as we enter the next academic year. I know that you will all understand that each one of us must play our part, and these strict measures are vital to keep everyone safe and minimise any further disruption to the children’s education.

Kindest regards and God bless,


Annabelle Delgado