Week 4


Lesson 1:  Recall the last session.  There are quite a few people who welcome and help at Mass on Sunday.  Talk about the people the children may have noticed. (If there are some children unfamiliar with Sunday Mass, refer to the occasions when there is a school Mass.) Some examples are listed below. Remember that although there are people with special roles at Mass everyone who is there is important and joins in by praying, listening, singing by saying the responses and by going forward for a blessing. 

Some people have special roles at Sunday Mass: e.g. greeters, the priest, deacon, altar servers, readers, those who take the collection, bring up the bread and wine to the altar and the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.  

Some people help prepare the church for Mass on Sunday e.g. flower arrangers and those who clean the church.


Q What special roles do some people have at Mass?

Q How do people join in at Mass?


Task: Look at the different jobs/roles on the picture sheet and the labels that go with them. Can you match the picture to the label? Have you seen any of these roles being carried out in church? 


Lesson 2: Use the picture and the text from Church’s Story 2 pages 8-9.   The priest leads the parish family as they gather to celebrate Mass at church on Sunday. The priest is a special person who has been chosen to do God’s work. The priest wears different coloured vestments according to the time of the Church’s Year. Green is worn in Ordinary times.

As a gathering hymn is being sung the priest and the altar servers process through the church to the altar.  The priest, with everyone, makes the Sign of the Cross and says some words of welcome. After looking at the picture, discuss these questions together.

Q What is happening in this picture? 

Q Which special person can you see? 

Q What is the priest wearing?

Q What colour is the priest wearing? What time is it in the Church’s Year?

Q What is the priest doing?

Q What do you think he means by holding out his arms?


Task: Complete the worksheet remembering the words that the priest says at the beginning of Mass. Try to answer the questions about the role of the priest.

Week 3


For children in Year 1, the focus is on recognising that there are special people in our lives who are there to help us and that on Sundays, when the parish family meet in church to celebrate the Good News of Jesus, there are people who do special jobs. They will learn that Jesus is the most special person for the parish family.



Lesson 1: Read Joe’s Story (see below) with your child. Then discuss these key questions together.


Q         What do Joe and Tim like to do at Grandma and Grandad’s?

Q         Who are the people in the photographs?

Q         Who are the special people Joe tells you about?

Q         Can you think of some other people who may have been special for Grandma?


Task: Together look for some photographs of the special people in your child’s life. Think about and discuss special people at school, clubs, church – who are they? What roles do they play? Why are they special? 


Lesson 2: In ‘normal times’ the parish church is where the parish family gathers.  Just like at home or in school everyone has their part to play in the parish family.   It is a community.  Look at the picture from Church’s Story 2 pages 6-7  In the picture people are welcoming those who are coming to church. Think about how it feels to be welcomed and discuss the role of these people in making people feel happy when they come to church. Have you seen these people when you go to church? Do they make you feel welcome?



Task: Use the template of the church and draw all of the things you would see inside. Can you label things such as the altar, flowers, pews and crucifix? Can you draw the people who welcome you at the door?

Special People


Last week you thought about who was special to you.  Lots of you talked about your family and friends and how they love you and like to play games with you and you loved them.  That made them very special to you.


This week, we are going to think about other special people that are in our community.


Below there is a powerpoint and some videos to help you think about who is special in our community and what jobs they do. 


Choose someone in the community that you think is special and talk about why.  You can use the template below to write it down and draw them.  





Special People


We are beginning a new topic in our R.E. this term and it is all about special people.  


Today I would like you to think of who is special to you.  Talk about it with someone in your house and decide who is special and then discuss why you think they are special.


Who is special to you?

Why are they special to you?


Maybe you could create me a poster or draw your special people on paper and write down why they are special.  Some of you will be able to write some super sentences about who is special and why.  Some of you can have a go at writing some describing words to label your picture. 

There is a template below if you would like to use that.


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