Remote Learning

Hello, Year 4 Legends!


Firstly, I hope you are all happy and healthy and your families are too. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you and your families nothing but the very best for 2021.


We are not going to be in the classroom together for a little while so you will find your work on our class webpage (where you found this). We will have video calls to look forward to every day – they will be on Google Meet.


If you are at any point unsure as to what you need to do, you should look on our class webpage, which can be found on the school website by clicking ‘Children’, ‘Class Pages’ and ‘St Joseph’.


To keep things simple and save your time (and your parent’s time, too), I shall leave each day’s activities on the webpage, clearly labelled with the date. I will tell you which websites you need to use to complete work, and I will attach any useful resources.


If you have problems with connectivity (getting online) please let the school know by asking your parents to email the office. If you forget your usernames and passwords, ask parents to email the office for my attention, and I’ll get back to you with them as soon as possible. Don’t forget that you should have all usernames and passwords on the inside front cover of your red school reading record.


Should you need it, for an alternative piece of work or for something more or less challenging, you have access to the entire library of lessons on MyMaths. You can also use KS2 BBC Bitesize to access a range of excellent home learning resources.


Lastly, remember to read as much as possible, across a range of texts (not just the subtitles on your computer games J). Reading regularly makes the biggest difference to your learning.


Take care. Speak soon.


Mr Sims J