This year you did a unit of work called 'Animals including Humans'. This week I have added some activities that revisit some of the knowledge you gained during this topic.

Seasonal Changes- Spring to Summer



Year 1 have now covered all of their Science topics for the year, with the exception of a unit about the season of Summer, which we will begin next week.  I will be posting some revision topics from the BBC Bitesize Home Learning page.  We start this week with 'Materials'.

There is also a 2do activity called 'Growing Plants' on Purple Mash.
We have now come to the end of our 'Plants' topic.  I hope you have enjoyed it. I've loved seeing all your wonderful work! Below is a knowledge sheet with all the things you've learned over the past few weeks. Once you've completed that, have a go at the 'Plants' assessment activity. It will allow you to show all the super things you've learned about 'Plants' this term!