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Good morning Year 3! I want to start by saying thank you to you all, for sharing your wonderful work, experiences and talents these past two weeks. It has been a pleasure commenting and replying to your blogs. 


It would be lovely to do one final creative activity to finish this week off; so I would like to see you make an Easter card/creation that you would like to give to a special person in your family. I have included some ideas below, but do feel free to come up with your own. Also, please update our class blog with pictures of your creations.


**Can I also wish Lucy and Florence R-F a happy birthday this weekend. I hope you both have a special day!**


** Happy Easter Holiday! smiley **

Below are a number of activities you can do over the Easter period. You can simply choose one activity to do, or you can do more! The choice is yours. You will also see some French activities, Mrs Archer has included to do this holiday. Please do update the blog with photos of your work. 


Final word... I wish each and every one of you a Happy Easter and please stay safe during this period of time. I look forward to hearing and seeing all the wonderful things, you have got up to over the Easter holiday.


Take care and God bless,

Mrs Bracknell x


Good morning Year 3!

I hope you had a good day yesterday. I have added two more activities to do, to take us to the end of the week. Both '2do' tasks are on Purple Mash and are about Roman Gods and seed dispersal. Although I have set up both tasks on Purple Mash, feel free to present your work in any way you like. To help you, I have added some more resources to help you with these tasks (see below).

I look forward to seeing some of your lovely work laugh


Take care,

Mrs Bracknell


Good morning Year 3! I can't believe it's Wednesday already!

I have seen some lovely work on plants including plant dissections, which are brilliant!


I have added some extra activities on fractions on Purple Mash and more literacy challenges, to keep you busy. 



It has been wonderful to see some wonderful talent on our blog, from cooking to yoga and even some ballet. I would love to see and hear more about your talents.  I have started a new blog called 'Year 3 Talent show!', and I would like you all to write, draw, photograph or even video your talents. If you video your talent, please send to the office. I hope that by the end of the week, we will have a collection of 'talents' which I will then display on our class page. 

What might your talent be? Can you tell jokes?, sing? act? dance? perform football tricks? cook? or even do a magic trick?

Whatever the talent, I would love to hear and see it!


Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Bracknell




Good morning Year 3!

I hope you have enjoyed doing some of the activities I set yesterday. I have now added three more activities to do on purple mash, to do with fractions... good luck!


Thank you for sharing your lovely work yesterday. I loved seeing some of the spelling challenges! If you haven't yet had a go, see the English page for some of these challenges.


It looks like it's going to be a nice day! yes I am hoping to go out for a nice walk with my children. If you do anything exciting today, please update our class blog with photos! 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Take care,

Mrs Bracknell


Hello Year 3! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

This week I have a number of activities for you to get started with. I would like you to start off with some fractions! Can you find fractions of objects around your home? As well as this, I have also added some more challenging word equations to do with fractions for those who would like a challenge!


There are *NEW* activities for English, R.E, science and French. In addition, there is a new challenge for this week and a creative activity. 


Please keep in touch via the class blog and upload photos of any of the work you have done, or photos of anything you would like to share with us all! 


Can we also say a *Happy Birthday* to Declan and Daniel. I wish you both a very happy birthday! laugh


Have a great day! 

Mrs Bracknell


And it's....Friday! Thank you for all the wonderful work and photos you have blogged this week. They really have brightened up my days! 


Today I would like you to write a diary entry about your experiences this week. This can be written on our blog, the writing journals or on a piece of paper that you may have at home.


I have also added a new set of spellings in the English section for you to take a look at.


*Today is also Samuel B's birthday. Happy birthday to you! laugh* 

(Remember to add birthday wishes to our new birthday blog)


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to chatting again soon, on our class blog next week.


Take care and miss you all,

Mrs Bracknell x


Good morning! I hope you had a good day yesterday and finding the home learning activities fun.

I have included a few more activities today such as a '2do' task on purple mash. For this task, I would like you to research a little about Boudicca and write about her. Please share your work on our class blog. I would love to see some of your work!

Can I also remind you that Mrs Gillett is looking for 'an artist of the month!' Please add any photos of your art work to the artist blog, if you have been creative in any way at home.


**NEW blog alert!**

I have started a new blog called 'Birthday celebrations!' This blog is for all of us, to wish the special members of our class a happy birthday! If it is your birthday please add photos of your celebrations and tell us what you have done, to celebrate your birthday! Can we all wish Polly a happy birthday... her birthday was on Monday smiley


Have a good day and take care,

Mrs Bracknell


Happy Wednesday Year 3! Thank you for posting on our class blog. I have really enjoyed seeing some of the lovely and diverse work, you have been doing at home!

Our home learning page has been updated with some more activities to do this week.

  • There is a *new* R.E activity and French activity to do at home.
  • I have set activities on mymaths to do with measurement.
  • There is also a maths *extension* activity on purple mash on your '2do' list.

There is also a new blog called 'Whole school P.E challenges'. Do take a look, as this is updated with lots of different physical activities, you can do at home with your family.


I hope you have a lovely day. It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day! laugh


I look forward to seeing some of your work on our blog!

Take care,

Mrs Bracknell


Good morning Year 3! I do hope you all had a good first day at home and found either the hard packs or online home learning activities useful.


Please do remember to take photos of any work you would like to share with the class. Some of you have completed your rainbows, which is wonderful! If you can, please take photos and either email them to the school office or place on our class blog. 


Joe Wicks is now doing a free online P.E lesson on youtube, every weekday at 9am. It's a wonderful way to keep fit during these rather strange times. Get your family to all join in!


Take care,

Mrs Bracknell


Good morning Year 3! I do hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have now set up our class blog on purple mash, and I would like you to write about what you did yesterday, on Mother's day.

Above this message is a new section to our class page, called home learning. Click on the star icon and this will take you to a number of activities, you can do at home. I will be giving weekly updates of these tasks. 

Can I stress at this point, that there is no pressure to do every activity on our page. You can pick and choose the activities that best suit you!


If you do a lovely piece of work, it would be wonderful to see! Please take a photo of your work and send an email to the school office or attach the photo to our blog. 


I look forward to hearing from you on our blog!


Take care,

Mrs Bracknell

The children had a very exciting day on Shrove Tuesday. They made, ate and flipped pancakes! Here are some pictures of our class enjoying the pancake event.

The Children have been reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. In chapter 4, a dragon lands on Australia and the children have written scripts for a television news report. They then performed these scripts in front of the class. They did a fantastic job! 


Mrs Bracknell


Breaking news!

Still image for this video
The following video was shown during the celebration assembly on Friday 14th February. Well done Year 3!

Iron Man news report photos

Well done Alicia, Artist of the month for January.

Well done everyone for working so hard on our Promises assembly

The children have a settled into year 3 really well this half term and I'm sure they will also very much enjoy their break.


I have really enjoyed teaching our current Year 3 class, it has been a pleasure to be around such lovely, kind and fun children.


Have a wonderful half term.


Mrs Walls 

Friday 11th October 2019


The homework for this week is attached.


On Thursday it was Mental Health Awareness day. In class the children heard a story called The Dot, about a young girl who thought she couldn't draw, but with encouragement from her teacher and a simple dot on a page she created a whole gallery of art. We did this in class and saw some amazing pictures. The simplicity of just drawing any picture and letting their minds take over naturally was lovely to see. Maybe get some pencils and paper out and let the children simple draw and relax! 

Friday 11th October 2019

Friday 27th September 2019


Please find attached the homework set for this week. In addition to this would you please take the time to discuss the "Home School Agreement 2019 - 2020" with your child. This letter went home with them today.


Have a great weekend.

Homework Friday 27th September 2019

Friday 20th September 2019


We have had a fun week in year 3. We finished the week with an outdoor maths lesson where we had to complete place value challenges.

Well done to Leah and Daniel who were voted class council, and to those who stood up and gave a speech also. It takes real confidence to do that.

Below is this weeks homework which I have gone through with the class so they should be able to complete this independently.



Please read your school reading book at home each night.

Complete your spellings and be ready for a spellings test on Friday.

Do “look, say, cover, write, check” on the following:

hey           they          obey        grey          prey

whey        survey     convey     disobey   purvey    


Can you write the place VALUE of the following numbers thinking about the THTO columns:

For example

263 the value is 200.

34 the value is 30 and 4.

467           254           856           821           1456         3657

12             16             85             76             32             109


Homework books are due back in by the following Wednesday.

Have a wonderful weekend.