St Bernadette Class

We have had an enjoyable start to our last week of the half term in year 3. Many children have now brought in their maths projects which are looking incredible.

With the sun shining, we headed out for our morning daily mile run, had a maths mastery quiz on time, and finished the day with some beautiful singing and recorder playing. Lots of effort was clear to see.

Year 3 really enjoy their PE lessons with the Southend Utd coaches. We have been doing relay races, ball throwing, and finishing with an all important cool down stretch.

Athletics with Southend Utd

We have been focusing on telling the time. As we have had some lovely sunny weather, the children took their compasses outside and were looking at the direction of the sun in accordance to the time of day. In the below picture the children were all facing east, where the sun rises from in the morning.

 We have one more week until their "Time" homework projects are due in. Remember they can be anything at all that relates to time as it does cover a broad spectrum. So far we have a time zone map that has been labelled, sun dials, and a space related project talking about light years and the planets. It has been fascinating discussing this with the class.

Also, if your children wear watches, please do encourage them to tell the time every day.

Telling the time

Our class have had a busy couple of weeks, putting real effort into their Easter production rehearsals. They are all very excited to be performing this week. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday to see all their hard work in action!



The children all took home a spelling sheet. It is really important the children use these sheets for the random spellings that will be tested each week. 



Can ALL children have trainers in school for their weekly lessons.

Hopefully the children all enjoyed their half term break. I have heard many tales about the exciting things they got up to! We have shared stories about Shrove Tuesday, and all the pancakes that have been consumed. We looked back at the last Thursday before Lent when we as a class discussed sharing, as part of our current R.E. topic, and we shared donuts in class for Fat Thursday!


The Daily mile has been very popular in Year 3, and the children are always very excited and ask to go outside to do this. It's great to see children moving and being so active as this stimulates their learning, and a bit of friendly competitiveness has spurred many on too. I will post some action shots soon.


We have our Roman trip coming up soon and have been learning a great deal about the Roman invasion this week. I'm sure your child could retell some interesting facts about this, so please do discuss what they have been learning.

Internet safety day was on Tuesday 6th February, and led to great discussions in our class. Everyone had an opinion, which we talked through, and how important it is now to be very vigilant when playing computer games and talking about ourselves on social media. The children were asked about different scenarios and how they would feel if they were in that position. They used the four feelings of worried, angry, happy or not affected in response to the question. It was very interesting!

Welcome to Year 3!



Homework will be sent home every Friday in the Homework book and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday. We are really concentrating on reading and times tables, so please encourage your child to practise these as often as possible. 


This term we will be looking at Castles and the Roman Empire. If your child has any interesting information on these at home please do send them in. The children are always very excited to share their experiences with the class. We have already looked at a castle in Albania, which was part of the Roman Empire, that has been visited by a class member.


I will be updating this page with photos and other fun snippets of what Year 3 have been doing during term!


Mrs Walls


The Artist of the month in December was Gabriel from our class. Well done Gabriel!