St Elizabeth Class

Good morning Year 2!

On Friday whilst I was at school teaching the Key-worker children I had the most amazing surprise! I had a wonderful gift from you all in the form of a beautifully decorated wooden box. Inside there was an amazing poem which described our time together and all of our special things that we completed in Year 2. There were so many kind messages of thanks and it was such a joy to read them all and to see many of your faces again in photos. I would like to thank everyone for giving me such a wonderful gift and I will treasure it with such fond memories of teaching you all. It is such a shame that we have only had half of a year together but I have enjoyed teaching you all so much during this time. I am so proud of how you have continued to work so hard during your home-school learning and I know that you will all have a fabulous year with Miss Rusz in September. Wishing you all a lovely, relaxing, fun filled, summer holiday with your family. Lots and lots of love to you all and thank you so much for being the best class ever! xxxx  


Good Morning Year 2. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Once again, I have not set any 2Dos for English but you have a reading comprehension to complete. Feel free to write your answers on a piece of paper and upload them on the English Blog on Purple Mash. On Wednesday Miss Rusz will be keeping an eye on your Purple Mash Blogs and so try to upload your work for her to see. I have also set some extra Seaside Topic 2Dos on Purple Mash if you would like to complete them as an extra challenge.  Enjoy your week! 

The story of Charles Mackintosh - he invented rainwear!

When it rains, we grab a mac. Why mac? This little video tells you about the Scottish inventor who came up with the bright idea of waterproofing fabric!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This week there are NO ENGLISH 2Dos set for you. I would like you to complete the tasks on the weekly timetable and upload them on the English Purple Mash Blog. Please find the resources on our class page on the Website. 
I have set some optional Seaside Topic 2Dos to complete if you would like to do them.  

The life of Louis Pasteur

You've heard of pasteurisation, right? Now find out about French scientist Louis Pasteur, his childhood, his inspiration, the hard work and the brilliant bre...

Hello Year 2.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  I have been looking at the Battle on Times Table Rock Stars and the boys are winning by a huge score! Come on girls! Can you catch them up?  Don't forget that this weekend coming is a long weekend as we have an INSET Day on Friday and next Monday.  If you want to keep busy you could always play some of the games on TTRS and Spelling Shed as well as read a book from Oxford Owl or your own book from home. Have a good week!


We have recently subscribed to NUMBOTS to help improve your addition / subtraction skills and number bond knowledge. All you need to do is use the same login and password details as you do for Times Table Rock Stars. Start off by playing in the Story Mode. This will allow you to earn stars to unlock levels. Ideally you should play this every day for a few minutes.  Then you will need to play in the Challenge Mode , where you will need to answer questions as quickly as possible to unlock the next challenge. Have fun and good luck! 


Weekly Timetable Beginning Monday 8th June

Weekly Timetable Beginning Monday 1st June

Worksheets and Websites needed for week Beg. 1.6.20

Weekly Timetable Monday 18th May

Monday 11th May

Good morning Year 2! 

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and enjoyed your VE day celebrations. I was so impressed with your art work and cooking last week! Don't forget to upload your Maths work on Purple Mash for me to see!  You will see the weekly timetable below. I hope you have fun learning from home again this week! 


Weekly Timetable Beginning 11.05.20

Science 11.05.2020

If you are able to get hold of a couple of seeds (preferably cress seeds but if you can't get hold of these try planting whatever seed you do have) set up an experiment to test the impact of temperature on the growth of a seed. Put one pot outside and one in a warm spot indoors. Which do you think will grow the fastest?

Purple Mash Help

Once again, well done to so many of you for completing the activities set on the weekly plan. If you are having trouble uploading examples of your White Rose Maths work or the afternoon tasks, here is a prompt sheet to guide you through the steps.


I hope you all have a lovely long weekend.



Monday 4th May

Hello Year 2!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

You will see on the weekly timetable that the Maths lessons set this week are linked to a new website called White Rose. It has little videos for you to watch and worksheets for you to write answers to. Please upload your answers onto our Purple Mash Class Blog for me to see. I have also suggested the use of Oxford Owls which is a free website for your parents to subscribe to, with many reading scheme books for you to choose to read. I hope you all have a great week.    

Weekly Timetable Beginning Monday 4th May

BBC Bitesize - The Life Cycle of Plants

Follow flowering and non-flowering plants on their journey from being seeds and spores, to being fully grown, and producing new plants of their own. This animation was produced as part of BBC Bitesize's KS2 Science program which looks at the inner workings of plants.

Week Beginning 27th April.

Hello again Year 2! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend in the fabulous sunshine again. This week we begin our new Topic about Pirates! I have set a few tasks on Purple Mash for you to complete.

The theme for the Artist of the Week is all about working with nature to make interesting patterns and shapes. Take a look at the Blog to get some inspiration. If you didn't get around to making your musical instrument last week I would still like to see your creations and you can share your photos of them on our St Elizabeth's Class Blog. Please see the weekly timetable below and try to complete as many of the tasks from there as possible. 

This week, I aim to telephone each of you for a little chat and I am really looking forward to doing that as I have been missing you lots!  


Our Weekly Timetable of Activities

Tuesday - All About Pirates PowerPoint

Wednesday - Andy Goldsworthy Art with Nature

Thursday - R.E John 13 PowerPoint

Thursday - Words to Holy Spirit Fills Me Up (And Actions)

Thursday - Link to the song Holy Spirit Fills Me Up

Friday - Link for Cosmic yoga - Popcorn Pirates

Summer Term

Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Welcome back Year 2! I hope you have enjoyed the last two weeks of the Easter break. I have missed you lots and I can see that you have been very busy over the last two weeks!

Thank you to Mrs Harris, Mrs Rutter and Mrs Marquis for replying to your comments and approving your posts over the Easter holiday.

As we begin our Summer Term, things will become slightly more structured now that we are all beginning to become more familiar with home school learning methods! Below you will see something called, 'Our Weekly Timetable of Activities'. There I have set out a daily plan where I would like you to complete a Maths Task, English Task and ‘Other’ Task every day. (These will include activities such as R.E, Science, Topic, Art, P.E, Music and ICT). You will also see that we will be introducing you to two new online websites to support your home learning. One is called Spelling Shed and the other is called Times Tables Rock Stars, the login details for these should be sent to you this week. 

As Mrs Delgado said in Friday’s newsletter there will now be an English, Maths and R.E Blog on Purple Mash for you to post anything related to those subjects. There will also be a Year 2 Blog where you will be able to post anything related to all other curriculum subjects, as well as a place to comment on each other’s work and wish each other a happy birthday when they take place. You may also want to post pictures of your art/craft on the Artist of the Week Blog as well! The theme for this week’s art is going to be based on St. George and the Dragon, to fit in with our Feast Day this week. 

If you have not emailed your photo of your family to Mrs Delgado yet please do so by Tuesday, as she is going to put all of the photos together for St. George’s Day. You may also like to send her a photo/video of you having afternoon tea to celebrate St. George’s Day! (Please send both to the school office).

I look forward to catching up with you on your blogs in the week! 

Tuesday's St George and the Dragon Story/ powerPoint.

Wednesday's make a musical instrument activity.

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 2! Well done to all of you for sharing your work on Purple Mash this week!  I have really enjoyed looking at the posts each day, where you have been so creative with things like; cooking, gardening and even pottery! As well as keeping fit and joining in with the daily P.E challenges. I have been so pleased to see that so many of you have started to comment on your classmates work and give each other praise and words of encouragement, which has been lovely to see! 

Over the weekend I will be putting on some Easter activities for you to complete but for today I would like you to start off by making an Easter card to give to someone in your family. Please post them on our class Blog for us all to see! 

Thursday 2nd April

Hello Year 2! I hope you are o.k. You have been so busy again blogging and keeping in touch with each other, which has been lovely to see. I have really enjoyed talking about all of your achievements and looking at your great creative work. If you would like a challenge please have a go at the Rainbow scavenger hunt. I will post it on Purple Mash.

Wednesday 1st April

The 1st April is also known as April Fools' Day, a day where people often play tricks or jokes on each other! I would like you to send me your best joke on our St. Elizabeth's Purple Mash Blog! I look forward to reading them all! :-)


Tuesday 31st March

Today is Mathias' birthday! Don't forget to wish him a happy birthday on our Birthday Blog!

Once again it is fantastic to see so many of you completing the tasks on Purple Mash. I have seen that Mrs Cracknell has been busy baking chocolate brownies with her family. I have also been baking and we made a yummy chocolate cake! If you have been doing any cooking I'd also love to see your recipes or pictures of what you have made! Take care x


Monday 30th March

Hello again Year Two! Thank you all for completing such fantastic work last week and for all of the photos that you have put onto our Purple Mash Blogs. I have looked forward to seeing them each day. I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last saw you but being able to keep in touch on our class blogs have really helped to keep the community spirit going. 

I have set a weekly selection of tasks for you to try to complete and hopefully you have your home learning packs to work through as well. 

I look forward to chatting with you again on our class blog during the week.

Don’t forget to wish Samuel a happy birthday on our new 'Birthdays' Blog on Purple Mash, as he was 7 on Saturday! 

Keep safe and stay in touch. 

Home Learning - Week beginning Monday 30th March


A message from Mrs Cracknell


Good morning year 2!  I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.  Last week was a very different week for us all! We were very lucky to get such wonderful weather and hopefully we will have some more of the same this week!


Above is your list of activities for the week from Mrs Gillett.  I have set some English, Maths and Science activities below for you to complete.  As I said last week, do as much as you can do. The English and Maths have three different levels. Pick the task which suits you best.  In addition to the activities below there is a Mountain Gorilla fact file activity on Purple Mash and a Measures task on My Maths.


I’ll be catching up with the blog today. If you do any Easter crafts make sure to put them on there! I made some chocolate brownies with my children this weekend, have any of you been baking? It would be great to see some delicious treats on the blog and please share any recipes because I’d love to try them out! smiley

Friday 27th March

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

Don't forget we are still going to be counting your reads, so if you have reached the next milestone e.g '100 Reads' please email the school office as soon as you can. We will also be choosing someone for Headteacher's Award and they will have their name in today's Newsletter. Finally, you may have already seen on the 'Artist of the Month' Blog, (on Purple Mash) that we thought it would be a good idea to award more of you winners now that so many of you are being so creative at home! I will now be looking out for 'Artist of the Week', whilst we are doing our home learning. Again the winner will be announced in the Newsletter! Good luck. 

Thursday 26th March

Good morning year 2! I hope you had a good day yesterday. It is lovely to have the bright sunshine again today. I will be starting a new blog on Purple Mash called 'birthdays'. We will be able to wish our class members a Happy Birthday. If it is your birthday please add a photo of your celebrations and tell us what you have done. I am still looking for an Artist of the Month, so get your artwork uploaded on the 'Artist of the Month' Shared Blog on Purple Mash. (Go to the green world icon called 'sharing'.) Take care. Lots of love, from Mrs Gillett x

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 2! I hope you are keeping busy and enjoying working through some of the activities set for you on the home Learning page. It has been great to see so many of you completing the tasks on Purple Mash and taking part in our Class Blog. Well done! 

Home Learning - Week beginning Monday 23rd March

Good Morning to the fabulous year 2!


For most of you today is the first day of home learning.  Don't worry if you find it a little bit confusing to begin with, it's a new thing for all of us! Each day you will find new lessons and activities for you to do.  You will find a printed version of your Maths, English and Science work in your home learning packs.  You will find some extra English and Science activities on Purple Mash under the 'to do list' but remember these are optional. Don't panic if you don't manage to get everything done, do as much as you can.  If you get a little stuck remember that you can ask me a question on the Purple Mash St. Elizabeth class blog or your adult at home can email the school office who will forward me your message.


I'll be checking the blog regularly throughout the day so please upload any photos of what you've been up to or work that you are proud of. The blog is a brilliant way for you to communicate with your lovely year 2 friends too!


I look forward to seeing everything that you've been doing.  Don't forget to get some fresh air in the garden if you can and join in with the Joe Wicks workout at 9am on his youtube channel!


Have a wonderful day, 

Mrs Cracknell smiley

Samba music

Still image for this video

Samba Music Workshop

Science Workshop - Making Food Chains

Making Lava Lamps

Science Day

Parts of a Flower

Slime Investigation

Scientist of the Week.

Bronze Times Table Winners

Pancake Day!

Bronze Times Table Awards (2, 5 and 10)

Mental Health Week - Athlete Visit and Yoga

Mental Health Week Class Poem

Bronze times table Winners!

Spring Half-Term Homework Challenges 2020

Happy New Year!

Christmas Lunch

Prickly Hay Nativity 2019

Christmas Jumper Day


Children In Need Day

Odd Sock Day

To celebrate anti-bullying week we all wore odd socks to remind us that we are all unique and different.  

Instructions For making A Clay Poppy - By Kieran

Making Clay Poppies

Ottilie's Instructions For Making Gingerbread Men

Making Gingerbread Men

During the last fortnight we have been learning about instructions. The children have written recipes and had great fun making gingerbread men. They have also made beautiful clay poppies and wrote their own instructions about how they made them.   

Dinosaur fossil pictures

Australian Choir Workshop