St Elizabeth

Artist of the Month - Well done Albert!

We have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. First of all the tadpoles changed into froglets, they grew legs and started to loose their tails. Then they changed into frogs. 

Life Cycle of a Frog


Good morning. I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we have been blessed with this weekend. We are so pleased that this will be our final week of home learning and we cannot wait to welcome you back into school next week. This Thursday is ‘World Book Day’ and I have set a few activities linked to this special day. If anyone has a favourite book they would like to share with us on our Google Meet sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday please feel free to bring your book along to show everyone and talk about it. 

There will be no google meets on Friday, as all members of staff will be going into their classrooms to prepare for the school’s reopening on Monday 8th March. There are lots of activities set for you to do at home but there is no need to upload them on Purple Mash.

I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Mrs Gillett


Good morning. I hope you all enjoyed getting outdoors and having fun in the snow this weekend.

As mentioned in Friday's online lessons, I have changed a few of the children's Google Meet times, so please check your emails in case you have an invitation to join at a different time.

You may wish to take part in the following competition over half- term? The message comes from a nurse at Southend Hospital ITU



"Currently the morale is amongst staff is low as we have all been working so hard for such a long time. My colleagues and I would like to invite your school to help brighten up our ITU staffrooms, so we are running a fun competition called, 'ITU WONDERWALL' - there are two categories, a prize for the most inspirational picture and one for the most inspirational written piece."


Please post your work on the Purple Mash Blog.


Have a lovely week.

Many thanks for your support and hard work this half-term.

Mrs Gilllett 


Good morning and welcome to the start of another new week.

This week is World Mental Health Week based on the theme called 'Express Yourself'. It is also World Story Telling Week so our topic work will be based around these two subjects this week.

As mentioned in the newsletter on Friday each class will have a non-screen day, so apart from joining for your daily Google Meet sessions I have set things for you to do away from your devices. There is also an extra Mental Health Timetable with lots of fun activities to try if you would like to. Our non screen day will be on Wednesday. 

I look forward to seeing you on our Google Meets and I can't wait to see more of your amazing work on Purple Mash.

I hope you have a great week!

Mrs Gillett   


Good morning. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. 

As we are learning about 'Space' as our topic, you may like to try out the latest Augmented Reality  (AR) experience and take a look around the solar system and view the planets in 3D! Twinkl have a free downloadable app on the iPhone app store called 'Twinkl LeARn & Explore'.  You will need to create a free Twinkl account on the website first (not from the app). Once you have created your free Twinkl account, you can use this to log on to the App. There are other topics, such as Dinosaurs and Famous Landmarks that you may also find interesting. 

Enjoy your week, keep warm and safe!

Mrs Gillett 



Good morning and welcome to the start of another week of home learning. I hope you all had a restful weekend. 


  • You may want to look at the Cbeebies website for a some fun activities based on our Space topic


  • This week we are going to be studying a book called 'Show and Tell' in English. If you would like to take part in a Google Meet 'Show and Tell' about something you have enjoyed making or learning about during the last few weeks then I will give you some time to do so on Friday.


  • Miss Rusz has also suggested a weekly PE challenge for you to complete. You will need to email your results to the ink below and upload photos of yourself taking part on the PE Blog. 


Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing you all on our Google Meets.

Mrs Gillett. 

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term 2021!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and managed to have a relaxing time at home. Sadly, we are not back in school this week and so we will once again be completing our home school learning tasks.  


All of the work will be set for the children on our St Elizabeth's Class Page on the school website. Under the Home Learning heading you will see a star with some useful information on and a star with everything else that you will need for this week's home learning activities. There will be a weekly timetable which will include a daily Maths, English and 'Other' lesson such as Science, R.E, Art, Topic, ICT etc. All of the resources such as PowerPoints, worksheets, or website links will also be available on here. Please do not feel the need to print everything out if you do not wish to. It will be fine to write answers on a piece of paper if that is easier. Remember to upload the fantastic work on our St Elizabeth's Class Blogs on Purple Mash, so that I can see what the children have been getting up to and make comments.   


On Monday you should have recieved an email to join the daily Google Meet sessions. If you have not recieved it please check your 'junk' mail in case it has been sent there. If you are still unable to find the invitation please email the school office and we will try to resolve things. We will be using the Google Meet to interact with groups of children each day at the same time. Mrs Beales will also be speaking to the same groups of children on Mondays.  Please be aware that as we will be on Google Meet sessions in the mornings we will look at the uploaded work on Purple Mash in the afternoons.



Please remember to complete a daily reading activity from either a book from home or the Oxford Owls Website. 



There will be several writing activities based around our new topic about Space. Please encourage the children to use their phonics to sound out words or a dictionary to find spellings to allow them to work independently. I will also attach a list in the useful information section, of the High Frequency Words and Common Exception words to support their writing. There is also a spelling assignment set up on Spelling Shed for children to learn lots of new words. When completing writing tasks from the weekly timetable, please encourage children to form their letters correctly, sit them on a line and make the presentation of their handwriting neat.



There is a maths video and worksheet activity based on Multiplication and Division to begin with. Remember to try to use the Times Tables Rock Stars website to improve times table skills. You will need to set up your Avatar and complete the initial studio session to set your time for the leader board. There is a Girls v boys Battle for you to play online. This website also has a section called Numbots to support addition/subtraction and number bonds which you may also find useful. 'Hit the Button' is another recommended website to support mental maths skills. 



Our R.E. topic at this time of year looks at special books used in the church community. 



Mrs Beales will be setting a Science lesson every week based on the theme of Materials. 



Our topic for this term is all about space! We will be learning about moon landings, rockets, planets, astronauts etc and lots of our creative writing, art and music work will be based around the theme of space and alien stories. 



I have attached some ideas for P.E to our weekly timetable to keep you fit and active!


Please do let us know by emailing the school office if you have any difficulties in accessing the work or there are other queries that we can help you with.  We will do our very best to help you!


Good luck with your first week of home school learning! We look forward to seeing the children's happy faces on a screen tomorrow and samples of their work on Purple Mash! 


Christmas Lunch

Happy Christmas from everyone in St. Elizabeth's Class!

Our Nativity ~ The Midwife Crisis

Christmas outfits and our teddies

Christmas Cards

Our Santa Dash ~ With a special visitor to cheer us on!

Calendars ~ London Skylines

Our handmade Christmas Tree Decorations ~ Homework!

Gingerbread Men!


Paper chains


Salt dough tree decorations

Our Reindeers ~ made with our foot and hands!

Our Elves

Our Advent Wreath - St Elizabeth's

2 of our Olympic medal winners

Our Nativity Photo in the Echo!

Homework Challenges (Second Half-term)

We Remember

Clay Poppies

Remembrance Acrostic Poems

Firework Art

Skipping Workshop

Times Tables

It was lovely to have our first online parent meetings with so many families last week. I would like to say once again how proud I am for the children’s amazing ability to settle into Year 2 so well. They have all been working so hard and are full of enthusiasm! Everyone has loved learning about our topic The Great Fire of London so far and they have produced some fantastic poems, stories and fact files, along with some wonderful artwork.

One thing that a couple of parents asked me about during the parent appointments was Times Tables. This half term we will focus on learning the 10, 2 and 5 times tables. Then after half term we will work on preparing them for the Times Table Challenge that will take place each Friday. Many children are keen to gain their Silver Award by answering 36 questions within 3 minutes. Please be assured that if we feel that your child is not quite ready for this challenge then they will not have to complete it yet, but we would like as many children as possible to have a go and hopefully their scores will improve each week. For your information, the Government have introduced a Multiplication Tables Check for Year 4 children, to determine whether pupils can fluently recall their times tables up to 12, so we feel it is essential that we can start to prepare them for this for further success in Mathematics.

Frequency of practice is key with learning tables. E.g. a few minutes a day at least four times a week is the most effective way to learn them. Today we introduced the children to a website called Times Table Rock Stars, where they set up their Avatar character. We had a few logging on difficulties in school but hopefully the children will be able to use the website at home more easily. The children are supposed to be able to play a Gig game at the start. This will be a baseline for the children and set the best point for them to begin a training course. They will then be able to play in a variety of Garage games to help them learn the tables they need to work on. They can use the same login details as the Numberbots website which have been stuck to the inside cover of their Red Reading Record Books.

There are lots of other ways to help your child learn their times tables such as: the online game ‘Hit The Button’, where you are able to select different times tables to answer within a time limit. Also things like chanting the times tables, displaying wall charts and watching You Tube videos for children to sing along to!

If your child is not quite ready for TTRS the Numberbots section has some very useful games on addition, subtraction and place value which will also help with their number work.

Our work!

Great Fire of London Houses

Katie is the winner of Artist of the Month!

We love our new construction toys!

Welcome Back Everyone!

It has been wonderful to have all of the children back in school at the start of our new school year! I can not believe how well everyone has settled into Year 2 already! They are all so keen and enthusiastic that I have been really impressed by each and every one of them!

Usually at this point in the year we would invite parents and carers in to class to go through the routines and plans for the year ahead, however this year everything you need to know will be attached below. There is a PowerPoint presentation and a few useful documents that you might like to print out. Any other questions you may have, please feel free to email them to the school office. Many thanks for your support and encouragement during your child's time in year 2.

Working hard in Year 2!