St Joseph Class

St George's Day - Following Mass to celebrate our patron saint, St Joseph class spent the afternoon making stick puppets and writing scripts to tell the legend of St George and the Dragon. After rehearsing, we joined St Bernadette class and each group presented their short play to their friends.

Practical Science Day. We had great fun experimenting, learning and exploring.

Year 4 Bikeability - It started so well, all helmets and bikes were checked for safety, we began to learn about checks before setting off and how to be safe out and about .... then the rain fell ....and fell .... and fell. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the session, but fingers crossed, we may rebook later in the year.

Happy World Book Day 2019. St Joseph's Class have completed a range of book activities - sharing favourite stories, quiet reads, listening to others read their favourite stories. Mrs Howell chose to read the Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter and Mrs Heal read a chapter of The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton. We also made bookmarks and competed in a Class Quiz. St Joseph's Class love to read!

Pancake Day 2019. We have been working collaboratively to follow a set of instructions (the recipe) and then enjoyed eating some delicious pancakes. We also had a go at flipping some too. Thank you to the members of our School PTA for helping us today, we had great fun

Safer Internet Day Together for a better internet #OurInternetOurChoice In St Joseph Class, we have been discussing how to stay safe and how we should avoid conflict and negative situations online. We have also been talking about the importance of consent and permission online.

Happy Chinese New Year from St Joseph Class

Practical Science - States of Matter. Today, St Joseph's Class have been investigating, getting rather messy and having fun. Some groups have been melting both ice and chocolate in a range of activities. Others have been classifying solids and liquids. This made us really think and ask lots of questions before making our conclusions.

This half term, our PE topic is Dance, today we have been using rhythm to create a short sequence of moves, focusing on stretching and control.

St Joseph's Class wish you a very Merry Christmas

We are Scientists, we are investigators. Creating simple circuits to light up a bulb.

St Joseph's Class Assembly 15.11.2018. What a fantastic group of children we have in our class! Mrs Howell, Mrs Davey and Mrs Heal are extremely proud. Well done everyone

St Joseph's Violin Lessons

The Class of 2018/19