St Therese Class

It's the last day of term!
Well it wasn't the last term we ever dreamed of but we did it!
I want to thank all of you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm over the last few months.  You have all made it a joyful experience!  We are now experts in Purple Mash and blogging so that, at least, has to be a good thing! 
I also want to send out a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely cards and gifts that Mrs Fitchew and I have been given.  It brought a happy tear to our eyes!  It has been a pleasure to work with all of our children and families over the last year and we will certainly miss everyone in September! 
Mrs Fitchew and I will be taking a break from Purple Mash over the holidays but we want to wish you all a fantastic holiday.  
Have a wonderful time, make super memories and come back refreshed for year two in September.  
You will all be fab-u-lous! 
Keep safe everyone.
Mrs McLoughlin

Lat days! What a pleasure it has been to have these children in school for the last few weeks!


Monday 13th July



Well year one, we have come to the last week of our Summer term.   


Firstly I would like to say what a pleasure and joy it has been to work with you all year and I couldn't have had a better group of children and families to suddenly learn how to home school and blog with!  I am very thankful that we did manage to have some of you back in school for the last few weeks.   


This week is a more relaxed week with work and although I have included Maths and English this week there isn't an expectation for it to be completed unless you'd like to.   On the English star there is a link to Mrs Fitchew's story for 'What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside'.  Our wonderful storyteller has also recorded 'The Rainbow Fish' so do link to that one too! 


Below there is a 'My School Memory Page'.  It would be great if you could have a think about completing the activity.  You might have to think quite hard about some sections as we haven't been in school properly for quite some time!


I have included lots of Summer activities, craft activities, word searches etc that you can use this week or over the holidays under the Summer star below.   You will also find a picture of the National Trust's '50 things to do before you are 11 3/4.  I wonder how many you can tick off over the holidays!  


We will still be on the blog this week so look forward to seeing what you are up to on that.  If you are in school this week please bring in a carrier bag.  


Have a wonderful week!


Mrs McLoughlin




Mrs Fitchew reads 'The Rainbow Fish'!

(Look under the year 1 tab) 

We worked hard to create our clay 3D models last week and we carefully painted them this week. We think they look great!

Happy Monday Year One!



Another week is here and this week it is an exciting one as we begin to think about moving up into year two.  Mrs Gillett cannot wait to chat to you and so will be on the blog on Wednesday.  Here is a message from Mrs Gillett!

I have set you a 2Do task to complete on Purple Mash as I would like to find out all about you before September!  On Wednesday you will need to make a poster to tell me  all about your family, pets, friends, hobbies and sports.  If you click on each word you will find some questions to try to answer in the text boxes.  There are also some boxes for you to either: draw your own picture, insert a photo or a clip art picture.  I will be watching the class blog and commenting on your work on Wednesday so do try to say Hi to me if you can too! 

Mrs Gillett



Your other work for the rest of the week is under the stars above as usual!  


Have a wonderful week everyone!


Mrs McLoughlin


Good Morning Year One!



I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend.  Your work for this week is all on the website.  Do take a look at the topic work too to see if you can be an architect this week!


Mrs Fitchew has also been busy creating another wonderful video for her storytime so do take the time to listen to that.


Looking forward to seeing lots of you this week!


Mrs McLoughlin


Week 3 - Another super week!

Week 2 - Thursday - Another fabulous day!

Week 2 - Monday's groups having a great time!

Monday 8th June


Good Morning Year One!


We look forward to seeing a few of you in school this morning for another exciting day!  


Your work for this week is on the website and Mrs Fitchew and I will be back onto Purple Mash as soon as we can.  Please post your work so we can see how brilliantly you are doing.


Have a fabulous week everyone. 

My fingers are crossed for more sunny weather!  


Mrs McLoughlin



Another fantastic day with a few more of our year wonderful!

Super glockenspiels!

Still image for this video

What a fabulous first day back for some of our year one today!

Glockenspiel accompaniment!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Monday 1st June

Welcome back everyone! 


We hope you have had a lovely half term and are raring to go! 


Below there is a link to a video with a message from me.


All your work is on the website and we look forward to seeing a few of you in school!  Yay! 


Have a super week everyone! 


Mrs McLoughlin


Good Morning Year One!




Welcome back to another week! 


As usual your planning is on this class page.  This week we have a focus on reading and making book reviews.  We would love to see you tell others about the books you are reading to encourage others to read too!


Your Maths is all about measuring this week so it will be great to see you out and about around your house and gardens to measure anything you can! 


Keep looking out on the Topic Page for some exciting activities, however, Mrs Fitchew has another great story for you to listen to.  It is linked through the Topic page or can be found on the Video Resource Centre under the Children’s tab.


This week’s Artist of the Week is entitled ‘Animals’ so it would be lovely to see how creative you can be with that!


Have a super week everyone. 

I know that we are usually looking forward to our Half Term week off at this point and it is very different this year but we are making the very best of a very strange situation.  Keep on going everyone!



Mrs McLoughlin


Monday 11th May 


Good Morning Year One! 



I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! 


We are getting into a little routine now you so know everything you need for your work is under the stars above.  Just click and you're away! 


I have added another video to help with your English this week.  Just give your stories a go, a little at a time.  You will be so proud of yourselves!


Have a look at the Artist of the Week this week.  It is called Observe, Draw and Imagine! 


There's a special surprise if you look on the topic page this week!


Do try and have a go at Spelling Shed.  See what you can do in ten minutes! 


Have a wonderful week everyone!  I'll see you on the blog! 


Mrs McLoughlin




Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Year 1!


I hope you are all ready for another week of home learning.  I’m sure you will all be thrilled to know that I have made another video (2 in fact!) to help you with your writing so you can find them on the English planning on the website.


This week we are back to adding in Maths so we will need to remember and practise our number bonds to 10 and 20 again.  Let’s see how snappy we can be!  It’s also reminding us of the part-whole model.  Max, you will love it! 


The story of Pentecost is on the R.E. page.  You can always have a go at making a windmill to remind us of the Holy Spirit moving around without being seen.

Do keep in touch on Purple Mash.  It is always lovely to see what you are up to.


Mrs Fitchew is also back on the blog this week and I know she is very excited to be back in contact with you all!


Have a fabulous day everyone!


Mrs McLoughlin


Monday 27th April


Good Morning Year One!


It's another beautiful, sunny day so I hope you had a lovely weekend and are all ready to do your best for the next week.


Just click on the stars to find your work for this week.  In English we are continuing with the story of Cinderella but are going to be looking at the villain or the baddie!  Get your imaginative brains in gear! 


In Maths you will be finding a half.  There is some active Maths as well which will help you.  Do look at the videos too.  It is good fun.


In R.E. we are looking at when Jesus ascended into heaven and there is a little video for you to watch and some craft you can make.


As usual, Mrs Cracknell has set you exciting Science, Maths and handwriting to keep your writing beautiful!


I look forward to seeing all your work on Purple Mash.  I love to see what you have been up to!


Have a super week everyone.

Still missing you!


Mrs McLoughlin







Welcome to the Summer Term!



Good Morning Year One!


I hope you all had a great Easter weekend.  I am very excited to be back and blogging with you on Purple Mash.  Mrs Fitchew thoroughly enjoyed her two weeks blogging and is now taking a well deserved break.


Well this is the term that we would usually be hoping for lovely weather, to work outside, do lots of sports, go on trips and continue our exciting learning journey together.  As we can't do that in the usual way we will do our very best to make this the next best thing!  I'm sure you are all loving being at home!


Your work can be found under the stars above.  There will be Maths, English, Science and R.E. set here.  We can talk about it on the blogs on Purple Mash though.  We now have a Maths, English, R.E. and Science blog.  We also have a class blog for all the other exciting things we want to share.  Later on we will have a topic blog too.  It's a new topic and it's a good one!!   

Don't forget though that it is St. George's day this week.  I'm sure you'll have lots of brilliant ideas for that! 


Have a fantastic week year one.

Let's do this!


Mrs McLoughlin


And the winner of this weeks challenge from Mrs Fitchew.....


Mrs Fitchew's Dressing up/Role Play Challenge!


Year Wonderful, oh my, you certainly do not make it easy for me when it comes to picking a winner for our class challenge!

As always, you have amazed me with your outstanding efforts by getting into character, using your fabulous imaginations and working extremely hard in putting your ideas and dressing up outfits together to support your role-play ideas. 

You inspired me in so many ways! 


Drum roll  please!!!!


The winner of this weeks Dressing Up Challenge goes to ....



Imogen for her very imaginative sea/role play theme.


Well done to Imogen and everyone who took part for our wonderful and creative dressing up costumes. 


It's Friday!



Another week has flown by and it's almost the Easter holidays.  There are a couple of 2dos on Purple Mash for you to have a go at today.  I had great fun with some of the castles activities.

Don't forget there are lots of songs and activities if you click on the music star and some great challenges on Charanga.  


Harry S has started a new blog to entertain us and keep us laughing with his jokes so do check the 'Class Jokes' blog on Purple Mash.


Have a great day everyone!


Mrs McLoughlin




P.S.   What do you call a dinosaur who is sleeping?


          A dino - snore!


Make myself laugh!!



 Happy Thursday Year One!


Keep in touch on Purple Mash.  There is a computing activity to have a go at today.  


Why not try to be creative and make Easter cards?  


Have a great day!


Mrs McLoughlin


Good Morning Year One!


Please find a link to more prayers for children on the R.E. activities. 



The time has come for another challenge from the one and only Mrs Fitchew...


     Mrs. Fitchew’s Dressing Up Challenge!

Using Simple Props From Home For Imaginative Play

Dressing in costume and engaging in roleplay is a great way for children to boost their creativity. A fun way to engage in play with siblings or any family member.

You can be anyone you want to be, mix and match different items together. Sort through your cupboards and have a think about simple things you could use from home that can be used as interesting props. You could use a kitchen colander that would make a great helmet or a wooden spoon that could be a sword or magic wand. Fabric for a cape…a super hero comes to mind ! Find a piece of paper/card to make a Pirates hat. LARGE cardboard boxes are good if you have any around, they make a great ride in a car. Ooh... what could you be if you found something sparkly and glittery ? Find a hat, even a funny wig, wear a pair of your Mum’s high heels and pretend you’re going to be a rock star. :)

So take a look around you, can you find items that support your dressing up play ideas and encourage you to take an idea further ?


Be as WILD and WACKY as you like with this!


Get into character and go on an adventure. 


I’m really looking forward to seeing your blogs and please post lots of photos as you put together your own fabulous dressing up ideas that will hopefully inspire lots of wonderful imaginative play for you to enjoy this week.


Have fun with this challenge!

Love From, Mrs. Fitchew x

Good Morning Year WONDERFUL!





Who is ready for week two at home?


This would have been our last week before the Easter holidays and so we would have been doing lots of Easter activities in school this week.  


Don't forget to continue with your diary this week.  I'm sure you will appreciate reading your diaries when all is back to normal!


I haven't seen too many Easter wreaths on Purple Mash this week so do have a go at that and tell your mums and dads all about the Easter story.  Don't forget to post photos.  I love seeing them!  


I will be adding a few things on Purple Mash this week but you will hopefully still have some things in your packs to do too.  Don't forget you can also use Phonics Play, My Maths and Oxford Owls for other activities too.  


Who will be joining me in the morning Joe Wicks workout?   My children all love to do that to get them going in the morning!  


I am already excited about the week ahead!

Let's do this!!


Mrs McLoughlin


Mrs. Fitchew’s 
🌟Star Baker ⭐️Challenge ! 🌟
I was TRULY overwhelmed with 
Yr. 1’s response.
Seeing their efforts on our class blog, blew me away with excitement and joy. 
There are so many lessons that can be taught while cooking, like in Maths counting, and adding on, measurement too, following instructions using a recipe and seeing how food changes with temperature a great lessons in science. While cooking we are using our senses too, to see how food looks, feels, and tastes. However, best of all, you  get to share and eat your cakes with family and friends in celebration together.
A Very Big Well Done To You All For Taking Part. 
Unfortunately, Mrs. McLoughlin and I weren’t able to taste any of your baking delights at this time. 
So judging from your wonderful photo’s of your amazing and creative baking from home,  
I have finally declared a winner.
Drum Roll !!!!!
The Winner Of The Great British Year Wonderful Bake Off 
Goes to…





                                                                                                       for his wonderful                                                                            Rainbow 🌈  Cupcakes.



Well done to George and to everyone for the incredible baking! 


It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday .... 



Our first week of being at home is nearly done!  


It is usually our topic day on a Friday so if you have some spare time you can do a Castles activity.   Have a look at Purple Mash for ideas.


Don't forget we still have our Headteacher's and reading awards as well as an Artist of the Week so keep your eyes peeled for that! 


Have another fabulous day and once again, I look forward to the messages!


Mrs McLoughlin




Happy Thursday Year One!



I can't believe it's Thursday already!  I hope you're having a great time at home.  Keep looking after everyone!  


Don't forget as well as the Joe Wicks workout which I shall be doing at 9 (me legs are really aching!), you can also listen to David Walliams reading his stories on his website at 11am.  I shall need that time to recover!


Miss Rusz has also been busy coming up with lots of active ideas that you can try at home and outside.  Let's make the most of this beautiful weather.  


There are a couple of 2dos on Purple Mash if you'd like to try them.  We usually have computing on a Thursday so you could have a go at that.  


Please keep up with the messaging and Mrs Fitchew is still very excited to see your efforts in her 'Star Baker' competition!  Blossom and Padme have made some amazing biscuits already! 

Mrs Gillett is also very impressed with all the art work!! 


You are all doing a fabulous job at working at home and if we haven;t heard from you please get in touch on Purple Mash so we know you are all doing ok.  


Have a great day Year One.  We miss you in school!


Mrs McLoughlin 


Good Morning Year One!




It's already Wednesday! 

I have loved looking at your pictures and photos and also reading the messages on Purple Mash.  It's so lovely to keep in touch and be able to message and encourage each other too.  


In your packs you had work to do for the week so try and carry on with some of those.  Do try to plant your sunflower.  The weather is so beautiful, I'm sure you are spending lots of time outside.


I have been loving the Joe Wicks workout and all of my children have been joining in with it at home too.  I hope your mums and dads are too!  We'll be keeping fit with him again at 9am.


There are a couple of 2dos on purple mash if you feel like you want to have a go.  I will add things on for you just in case you need something to keep you busy!


Usually on a Wednesday we would be doing R.E. in school.  You had an Easter wreath in your pack to make.  I would love to see photos of your finished Easter wreath on our blog too.  


Mrs Fitchew has been busy thinking of a challenge for you.  We will add a blog for it too on purple mash.  Have a go if you can although we are very aware that baking ingredients are difficult to come by!  Mrs Fitchew is no doubt jumping up and down with excitement at seeing the photos! 


A challenge from, Mrs. McFitchew :)




The St.Therese Class

Great British Bake Off !


We love nothing more than getting kids into the kitchen and baking.

It’s great fun and is also an entertaining way for them to learn about numbers, shapes, textures and the world around them.

Plus hopefully the finished products taste really yummy too ! :)


Bake a Rainbow Cake...



Or... Pizza’s with funny faces :)



Or... try baking some Gingerbread men.



Have you got what it takes to be a



We would love to see some photo’s of your culinary creations and your wonderful baking skills. :)




Have a fantastic day.


Mrs McLoughlin X






Tuesday 24.3.2020- A message from Mrs Cracknell


Good morning year wonderful! Welcome to day 2 of home school.  It was so lovely to see what some of you got up to yesterday on the class blog. 


Yesterday Mrs McLoughlin posted a message for the week ( see below) and last week you were sent home a home activity pack with lots of tasks to complete.  I've added the Science and Maths activities below too.  The 'make a clock' activity requires a split pin but if you don't have one don't worry, you could always use blue tack instead.  There are also a few activities on purple mash for you to check out too! Remember to keep posting on the blog, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


Have a lovely day smiley

Mrs Cracknell

It's Monday! Please see the message from Mrs McLoughlin today!

Enjoy our Rhythm Samba!

Still image for this video

What fun we had with rhythm Samba today!

Science week! What fun we had!