St Therese Class

Fractions! We thought the best way to find quarters was to eat pizza!

We have been working on our ball skills. We have been sending and receiving balls through posts to our partner. We made it harder by moving our posts closer together and moving further away.

Maths Challenge! The children have been working really hard on division this week. They have been trying to solve the challenge card mysteries!

Dinosaur Day!

Looking for signs of Spring

PE Skills! Can we hit the target with an underarm throw?

What a fantastic morning we had! We loved spending time in the library and were so well behaved we played in the park on the way back!

In our Science we were set a challenge of building a house strong enough for the Three Little Pigs. We could choose any materials found in the classroom. Would Mrs McLoughlin be able to knock it down?!

In our music lessons we are learning how to play the glockenspiels and xylophones to accompany our singing.

Can we find the best material to make an umbrella to keep Teddy dry?

Fun in the snow!

Homework is on My Maths this week.  Enjoy learning about time!  


Have a lovely weekend!


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Music in Year One!

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Our children have been learning about singing, pitch, pulse and rhythm. Enjoy!

A hive of activity in year one! Our children have been working hard learning about dinosaurs, continents and lots more today.

Dinosaur measuring! We researched how long dinosaurs were and measured them out on the playground.

What amazing homework! We presented our homework to each other.

The running mile!

Road Safety Workshop

Friday is topic day! We are loving learning about dinosaurs!