St Therese

What fun we had at the park today! Mrs McLoughlin said we had worked so hard this year and deserved a treat to play in the playground. We had a great time!

Our Sensational Sealife Centre Trip!

What tremendous lighthouses! Well done to everyone on the super effort. We had a super time looking and marveling at them all!


30th April 2021


Please do continue with the reading this week.  It has been lovely to see children attaining their reading certificates and developing such confidence in their reading.

The phonics this week to practise are:

Mrs Fitchew’s group – ar, igh, oo, ai

Mrs Mcloughlin’s group – ow, oi, ear, air, ar

Mrs Wall’s group – Please practise all of the phase 5 sounds.  These can be found on the website.  Particularly au, aw, ey, ew and ue.

Please do continue to practise these sounds and encourage the children to spell these sounds, play games such as pairs or flash cards etc.



Our topic this term is all about the Seaside.  We have been learning about Grace Darling and lighthouses in school this week.  For your homework I would like you to create a lighthouse picture or your own creation to display in school.  You could paint, colour, use collage or even create your own lighthouse!  We will have a look at them in class in the week of the 10th May so do try to bring them in that week. 


Have fun!


Have a fantastic long weekend!



Mrs McLoughlin


16th April 2021




Please do continue with reading this week.  Just 10 minutes a day makes a real difference.



This week we have started a new English topic all about Fairy Tales.  Do catch up with some fairy tales at home and ask the children to retell them.  We have been looking at the setting, characters (heroes and villains) and remembering the familiar phrases in them.



We have also been practising our doubling and halving with numbers this week too.  Can you be snappy and remember your doubles as quickly as you can?  Look at the activity below to help you.



Have a super weekend!

Mrs McLoughlin

Red Nose Day!

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. #WorldBookDayClick the link below to download / stream the song: https://MCGramma...

Timetable - 1st March 2021


Good Morning! 


I hope you all had a wonderful half term.  It's been glorious to feel a bit of warm sunshine and the hint of some lovely weather to come!


Below is the timetable for this week.  Please do upload work onto Purple Mash so we can see all the hard work that you have done.


Mrs Cracknell can't wait to see you all on your Google Meets today and I shall be looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Have a wonderful week!


Mrs McLoughlin 



Timetable - 22nd February 2021

The Runaway Pea

Still image for this video


Good Morning Year One!


As I write this the snow is falling outside and it looks a picture!  I hope you have had and will have great fun in the snow.  We must make the most of it! Do add your photos on Purple Mash so we can all see your snowy pictures.


This week we have added an assembly that starts off our week and you will find the link on the timetable.  It is also Safer Internet day on Tuesday so we will add some resources and an assembly for Tuesday. 


It is our last week before our well deserved and possibly much needed half term break!


The timetable below has all of the links to your work this week.  Do try to fit in as much as you can and upload it to Purple Mash so I can see all your hard work.  It has been lovely to see photos of you doing lost of fun activities too so do continue to add those.


This week is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox, so you will find some activities on our topic page to find out all about that on Friday. 


Mrs Cracknell is looking forward to seeing you in your Meets today! 


Keep on keeping on!


Have fun in that snow!


Mrs McLoughlin 






Timetable - Week beginning 8th February

Rainbow salad ingredients for Thursday


This week for your Health and Wellbeing lesson I would like the children to make (and eat!) a rainbow salad.


You will need:

  • A bowl/ plate and fork.
  • Fruit/ vegetables and salad of green, yellow, red, orange, and purple- two or three options of each would be ideal. Salad leaves such as spinach should be included, and other foods cut up into small pieces.
  • Drawing tools or a camera.


Mrs Cracknell

Here Comes Jack Frost.mp4

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Week 5 - 2nd February 2021


Welcome back to another week!


Thank you for all your hard work over the last week and the super effort in your Google Meets and your work on Purple Mash.


This week we have tried to make it a little more accessible for you and have created a timetable that you can (hopefully!) click onto the links that will take you directly to the work.  The work is also available as usual under the stars below.  There are suggestions for the days you might like to do the optional work in the afternoons.


Remember that Thursday is our 'no screen day' so, other than our Google Meets, you won't need to be on screen to get your work done.  


This week is Mental Wellbeing week so there are ideas on the timetable for daily activities.  Do watch out for more ideas that you could do on your 'no screen day' on Thursday.  I will be creating a new Mental Wellbeing blog on our Purple Mash so you can add your photos and thoughts to that this week.  


Have a super, calm and positive week! 


Mrs McLoughlin  








#DrawWithRob 2 Sausage Dog

DrawWithRob is a series of draw-along videos that you can watch with your kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures together. Please hit subscribe and sh...

#DrawWithRob 1 Gregosaurus

DrawWithRob is a series of draw-along videos that you can watch with your kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures together. Please hit subscribe and sh...

Week 3

Why not try out this new PE challenge this week. Add it to the PE Blog too!


Week 2 - 11th January 2021


We made a super start to our home learning last week and are all set to go this week.  Well done if you uploaded your work on Purple Mash.  It has been lovely to see all your efforts on your work at home.  


Don't forget to carry on with your reading.  We are still working towards our Reading Certificates so do let me know if you have made it to the next magical milestone!


We are now back to having 'Artist of the Week' on Purple Mash so do look under the topic star for some art ideas that you can add to the blog!


All the work for this week has been posted below.  The English will carry on from last week.  


Let's have a super week! 


Mrs McLoughlin 

The Gruffalo's Child

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Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term 2021!


We are obviously not back in school and so we will be working very differently in the coming weeks.  


All our work will be set from this page on the website under the subject headings below.   I have not set a detailed timetable but the work set below should last for the week.  The following week's work will appear towards the end of this week.  Hopefully we will know how it's going by then! 



Please ensure that your child does 10-15 minutes of reading every day.  If you need more books you can also access Oxford Reading Owls where the children can choose e-books to look at.



Phonics plays an extremely important part to our learning in year one and so Mrs Cracknell (on a Monday) and I will be using Google Meet to have phonics sessions with the children.  It would be helpful if the children were able to access pencils and paper or a whiteboard and pen fro the Google Meets.   Any extra activities will be placed on the website.  In addition Mrs Cracknell will be adding handwriting practise resources too.  Please do encourage the children to form their letters correctly. 



 There are activities to practise writing around the story of 'Sayeeda Pirate' from this week.  You can read the story and then have a go at an activity that follows.  Do try to have a go at a writing activity daily and please encourage the children to use their phonics.  There are phonics mats and checklists that the children can use to help under the English star.  



There is a maths video and activity for every day under the Maths star.  On a Friday there will be extra activities if you would like them!  



Our R.E. at this time of year looks at special people in our family, community, church and of course the importance of God.  Every week there will be an activity to get the children thinking about the topic. 



In school we do Science every week so there will be a weekly activity that is posted for the children to complete.



There will be a creative task that is set or a Geography/History focus under the topic star so do look out for that!


Purple Mash and Ed Shed

There are also activities on Ed Shed and Purple Mash that can also be completed.  





We are obviously very keen to see all the fabulous work that the children do so it can all be uploaded onto the Purple Mash blog for us to look at and comment on.  Please be aware that as we are on Google Meet in the mornings we will look at Purple Mash in the afternoons.  


Once again we are all learning very quickly at working in a very different way so please do let us know if you have any difficulties in accessing the work or there are other queries that we can help with.  We will do our very best to resolve them!




Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing all the children on a screen soon! 



Mrs McLoughlin 



















       From all of us in Year One!

Click on the link below! 

Making crowns and Christmas lunch day!

A Miracle in Town - Year 1's Nativity

The 14 days of Christmas. What fun we have had!

Elf Training! We had great fun training as an elf in our PE today. We had to work as a team and learn an elf and reindeer game, learn how to roll snowballs and throw presents to pack the sleigh for Father Christmas. Our head elf, Mrs Fitchew, was on the look out for super elves to join the team!

We had a great day for Children in Need 2020. We have thought about keeping our minds and body healthy today and started with the Joe Wicks workout this morning. We then worked hard at circuit training this afternoon. Knee Highs were a particular challenge!

What fantastic skippers! We had great fun practising our skipping!

Have you seen this girl? Year One have become detectives looking for clues at the crime scene!

Welcome to Year Wonderful! What a fantastic start we have had!