Houses and Homes 


This week we are going to find out a little more about different styles of houses and homes.  Take a look at the pictures below to see if you recognise any styles and maybe you can see the style of your home.


Below there is also a powerpoint to give you a bit more information about different houses and homes.



Now I would like you to be an architect, someone who designs and oversees the building of different buildings.  I wonder if you could use the design paper below to design your very own house.  What style would you go for?  What windows would you like and how many?  How many doors will you need?  Would you like a garage? 


When you have designed your house you could even try to make it similar to your design.  What materials can you use from around your house to construct your home? 


We would love to see on Purple Mash so do put some photos on the blog.


Have fun!


Our Local Area 


This week I would like you to investigate your local area a little more and also think about what you like and dislike in your area.  Try and find a few places from the keywords too and have a go at answering the following questions.  Don't forget to use your a street map! 


Where did you go?

What was the weather like?

What did you see?

What did you hear?

What did you like and dislike about your area? 


Have fun! 

Our Local Area 



As part of our Seaside and Pirate topic we are going to do some Geography about our local area.  As we are all enjoying our local area at the moment and going out on walks near to our homes this is a great opportunity to learn something new!  


This week I would like you to have a look at a map of where you live.  I will add a picture of a map below but you can find your own map to look at.  I would like you to do two tasks for me. 


1.  It's very important that we know our address so below is a template of a passport for you to add your address to.  You can always make your very own passport if you would like to.  Make sure you have found your address on a map. 


2.  There is another piece of work below with a list of places for you to find this week.  You could find them on a map and look for them when you go for a walk.  Choose the work that you like the look of the most.  See if you can write down the road names of where the places are.  


Have fun! 

This week I would love to see how creative you can be in making your very own pirate.  It could be a puppet of some kind or a picture.  Think about your colours, whether your pirate is happy , sneaky , angry, laughing or grumpy or something else!  Have a think as to what hat they might be wearing or a headscarf. 


You could use any materials you can find at home.  Maybe a paper plate, or a bowl, a wooden spoon or some card, maybe a peg!  The choice is yours!  I'll add some pictures below to give you lots of different ideas.


Have fun! 

Well ahoy there children of year one! 


I have received this letter from Captain Black so we need to make some treasure chests!  I've added some photos below of what you could do.  


I am thinking of using my egg boxes to paint and then making some of my own treasure to put in too!  How will you make yours?  


I can't wait for the photos!  Let's get making!

Pirate Story

Mrs Fitchew reads a story

Treasure Maps! 

This week for our pirate topic I would like you to plan a pirates treasure map.  


The short video below helps to explain how you can make your map look old so listen carefully and see if you can give it a go!


Whilst it is drying you need to plan your map.  You will need to make a key so we know what all the different pictures mean.  Will you have mountains, caves, rivers, swamps, trees or a forest?  There is an example of a key below. 



You will also need to remember your compass on the map so we know which direction is North, East, South and West. 

(I always remember my compass points by the silly saying Never Eat Shredded Wheat!) 



Don't forget to draw a path so that we know how to get to the treasure!  


I can't wait to see all your maps on Purple Mash!  


Have fun!


There are also more map activities below which I think you will enjoy!  

Ancient Treasure Map Attack

Neil creates an ancient document from paper and stock cubes. Mmm, beefy.




I have been so excited about this topic!   


The first thing we are going to do is to make ourselves into pirates by making a pirate hat and other props if you'd like to! 


Below you will find a powerpoint that gives us some information about pirates.  You can use it to give yourself a pirates name and learn some of the lingo too! 


You can design and make your own pirate hat or use the  information below to help you use the template.  Add photos onto the purple mash blog so we can all see your amazing efforts!  


Have fun! 




The Pirate Song (When I was one)

Join in with Tony and the Kids. When I was One is taken from the original 'Row row row your boat' DVD. To find out more, go to