We are going to start a new topic all about Space, Stars and Explorers.


This week you can watch the Powerpoint 'What is up in Space?'.  


Try to write some facts about what you now know about the moon.  There is a template below if you would like to use that.


You could always create some moon art.  One idea is below! 


Have fun!



This week we are having a think about Chinese New Year as it is happening on the 12th February.


Watch the videos and look at the powerpoints below to find out as much as you can about Chinese New Year.


There are some creative activities below or you could make up your own.  Maybe you could create your own Chinese Dragon or draw or paint an ox for the year of the Ox. 


I look forward to seeing your creations! 


Animals of the Antarctic!


This week I would like you to find out about the animals that live in the Antarctic.


Watch the Powerpoint below and take a look at the fact sheets.  Choose one that you are interested in and create your own fact sheet or poster about that animal.  Maybe you could use your creative skills to make the animal in paint or collage too! 




This week I would like you to research about the Antarctic.  Look at the powerpoint below and see what you can learn.


Where is it?

What is the weather and the temperature like?

What can live there? 

What so scientists do there?


Have fun! 

There are some writing prompts below if you would like to write your findings down. 





The Storm Whale in Winter

Still image for this video



I was inspired by all of your art this week and the lovely winter pictures that you created so well done!  Nathan made a beautiful penguin painting and I thought that this week you would like to find out a little bit more about penguins. 



There is a powerpoint for information and a labelling activity and fact sheet for you to have a go at.  See what you can find out!


Maybe you'd also like to create some penguin art that you can also add to the Artist of the Week page.  I look forward to seeing all your creations!  Have a look below for ideas! 


Albie also created some art work and used snowflakes cut from paper.   There are some instructions below if you would also like to try it.


Have lots of fun!




Still image for this video



Well done if you went on your wintry walk to spot everything on your checklist!


This week I would like you to be quite arty!   It's been so cold that I have been hoping for some snow to arrive.  I wonder if we all create some snowy pictures whether that will encourage the snow! 


Below are some ideas for wintry pictures.  You paint, colour or use collage.  It's up to you!  


'Artist of the Week' is starting up again and you will need to add photos of your pictures to the artist of the week blog on Purple Mash.


Have lots of fun!  Do add action photos of your creating on the blog! 






We are going to start our spring term by having a think about the season of winter.  Below you will find a powerpoint where you can find information about winter and how to use your senses to find out more.


See if you can enjoy a lovely winter walk and find all the objects on the winter hunt checklist.  You could also do some writing about it too!  You can choose one of the templates below or create your own.


I look forward to seeing your work and your photos on Purple Mash!