Week 1- 20th April

Summer Term
Week 1


Welcome back year 5! I hope the last few weeks have been filled with family, sunshine and lots of chocolate! I hope you are all well and safe and looking after your family. I am looking forward to hearing all about it and catching up again so please share via the blog. I've shared some baking and rainbow art that I've been up to!
It was good to see some of you posting that you were doing things over the holidays. None of the work I posted on the page was compulsory and there were no 2dos over this time either. Thank you to Mrs Heal who replied to your comments and approved posts etc during this time. 

As Mrs Delgado announced in the newsletter, you may notice things have changed slightly in the last few days. With our blogs, there is an English, Maths and RE blog on here please post anything related to each of those subjects. E.g If you do some reading, book reviews or anything else related to the English tasks please post it on the English blog. The final blog is Year 5. On there you may post any topic, science, St George's Day work, art or anything else such as film reviews, baking, crafts quizzes, birthdays, questions and conversations etc.


I have adjusted how I will be sending work out this term. Underneath these paragraphs you will find 2 documents: 1 for English, Maths and Re and 1 that covers all other topics. 
The English and Maths are set out Task 1- Task 5. Tasks 1-4 are in the order that they should be covered. Task 5 is a task that could be carried out throughout the week in addition to daily reading. For RE there are 2 tasks. This document will be sent out weekly.

Art, Science, Topic and St George's Day tasks are on a separate pdf. This is set out in the style of the takeaway homework where you will have 16 tasks to choose from. You may choose a selection of these tasks over a 2 week period. Please aim to complete at least 1 task from each topic over the course of 2 weeks. I recommend aiming to complete at least 5 during this time. Any of these tasks can be posted on the general blog page and you can post anything arty on the "Artist of the Month" page too. 

Any resources are posted on the appropriate pages below with further instructions on each of those pages.


You may have seen that The BBC are releasing lessons around the curriculum for each day of the week. Currently, we will be following The White Rose lessons for maths. They will be linking with the BBC to deliver lessons in 2 weeks time so please use the content put on the web page for the time being. I have not planned any other lessons around the BBC content at this time but I have put links the wellbeing and music lessons that they are offering this week if you want to take a look at them. 


Mrs Delgado also asked you all to send a photo of your family in so she can put it together for St George's day (you can send to the office or post on the purple mash blog titled St George's Day photos). Additionally, if you would like to send an 'afternoon tea' themed video/picture please also send to the office for a separate celebratory video. More details can be found in the newsletter from 17th April.

I know the format is slightly different to before, so I apologise for the confusion. I too am adjusting to this new way of learning and I am trying to find the best way to send things home for you and make tasks exciting, practical and educational. Thank you all for your continued support and flexibility. Any questions or feedback is greatly appreciated. Please send an email to the office for further clarification or post a comment on the purple mash blogs. The new resources 'Spelling Shed' and 'Times Tables Rockstars' will be going live this week. You will receive your passwords and logins within the next few days so please do not worry if you have not got it yet!
Eventhough it's not what we had planned, I can't wait to see what the next few months brings.The summer Term is always my favourite so I am looking forward to blogging again with you all. 


Love from,
Miss Rusz 





Suggested Timetable