Week 2- 27th April

Week 2


I want to start the week by saying 'thank you.' I am amazed by your effort, creativity and how you have all adapted so well to this challenge. You should be so proud of yourselves. I am so excited because this week (as announced in the newsletter) teachers will get to phone you all, so we can have a little chat about what you are getting up to and anything you need help with and things you are enjoying. I can't wait to hear your voices again!


This week, the format is the same as last week. The Maths, English and RE tasks are updated for this week you can find them here: https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/stgeorges-cps-southend/UploadedDocument/4a37029eed4e4dda931d0cc88c9a9bb5/maths-english-re-w2.pdf or underneath this text. The other curriculum subjects to choose from can be found here: https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/stgeorges-cps-southend/UploadedDocument/e577d348274d43a28e91c7599e5e145f/week-1-2-st-georges-day-tasks.pdf  These tasks are updated on a 2 weekly basis so they have not changed. Again, any resources you require will be found on the associated subject page and there are links within the documents too. 


A few quick reminders:
- please make sure you are continuing reading and let us know by commenting on the blog when you have reached 50/100/150/200 reads etc

-Please make sure on MyMaths you are logging out and checking out properly. A large amount of you are not doing this so I cannot see your marks.

-If you want me to check a 2Do, please wait a little while for it to update. You must tell me which 2Do you want me to check if you are having a problem. 

-If you have not already uploaded work onto the blogs or got in touch, it is really important you start doing this as there are some of you I haven't heard from yet. Well done to those of you that are popping things on regularly. 

-Mrs Gillett has set a theme for the 'artist of the week' if you want to do some extra art. I've also put a fun art challenge on the blog. Can you turn the potato into a Disney character? For some extra fun!

-Don't forget to join in with the daily PE challenges on the PE blog.


I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you get up to this week! 

Love from,


Miss Rusz


Maths, English & RE tasks- Week 2

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