Week 7- 8th June

Welcome back Year 5. I hope you and all your families are well and safe. 

This week is an exciting week, I’ll be phoning you all on Tuesday and I can’t wait. Just to let you know that as I will be phoning you all, it will mean that I won’t be as responsive on the blog on Tuesday. Please post things still and I’ll get back to you when I can, If you are in school on Tuesday, I will find another time that I can ring you so we can have a chat! Have a little think about some of the things you want to talk to me about and tell me. Here’s some ideas:
What have you been doing for fun?
What did you get up to at the weekend?
Have you tried or learnt something new?
Is there anything that you have done that you are really proud of?
What books are you reading and can you tell me about them?
Are you looking forward to anything/do you have anything exciting planned?
Can I help you with any of the work or is there anything you are finding tricky?
What things are you enjoying at home/would like more of?

I’m looking forward to another week of fun and learning. You will find new topic, science and art activities for the next 2 weeks. Some of you mentioned that you enjoy learning about Gods and & Goddesses so I hope you enjoy these activities, there’s also lots of different art activities and Mrs Gillett has set the artist of the week task as ‘self-portraits’ so it will be lovely to see all your smiley faces in picture form.  I’ve also attached the virtual library in case any of you are looking for more reading books/audiobooks. I've also set a general knowledge quiz (just for fun) on Kahoot. We used Kahoot when we had the Southend High for Boys teacher in for our computing lessons. I hope you have fun! I can't wait to see how well you do. 
The link is here: https://kahoot.it/challenge/04164845?challenge-id=2b6b09d3-d546-4921-beb3-645ec34e165a_1591560771304
If you need a pin: 04164845 

Just to let you know, I am in school on Fridays, so if I am a little bit slow at getting back to you this is why.

Have another wonderful week,


Speak to you soon and stay safe,

Miss Rusz


Science, Topic, Art & Other