Week 8- 15th June

Good morning Year 5 and welcome back to another week. I hope you and your families are still well and I am really looking forward to speaking to you all on Tuesday. Sorry I couldn't do it last week, I had to go into school and look after the children of all our amazing key workers. 

Remember to think about answers to these questions for our conversation: 
What have you been doing for fun?
What did you get up to at the weekend?
Have you tried or learnt something new?
Is there anything that you have done that you are really proud of?
What books are you reading and can you tell me about them?
Are you looking forward to anything/do you have anything exciting planned?
Can I help you with any of the work or is there anything you are finding tricky?
What things are you enjoying at home/would like more of?


Some things to look out for this week. Sir David Attenborough will be appearing on the BBC Bitesize resources this week on Tuesday & Thursday to talk about oceans and continents. You can find these resources on the red button on your tvs on this day if you are interested in watching. He will also be appearing on 30th June in a science lesson about animal evolution, dinosaurs and fossils (I can think of a few of you who will be very excited about this topic). It also fits in nicely about what we have been learning about in science. The Natural History Museum is also doing lots of live lessons too, you can find this through facebook (please ask an adult's permission) https://www.facebook.com/pg/naturalhistorymuseum/events/?ref=page_internal This week is "Rivers on Mars" and "Termites." Some of you may be interested in the space one as we have covered this in our science topic this year. 

On Friday and next Monday, remember these are inset days so there won't be any work set for these days. If you want to do extra work then that is amazing! Usually the maths/English tasks are only 4 per week with spelling shed/ttrs as the extra task but these should be being practised throughout the other days. Next week is our virtual sports day event so you could use the days off to have a little practice of some of the events! There are lots of surprises throughout the week for you!

Don't forget, on Sunday it's Father's Day. I have added on some cards/crafts that you might want to make for dads, step-dads, grandads etc to celebrate this day. You can find these on the page below. I have also made another virtual library, this time full of online Percy Jackson books. You might enjoy these, especially if you have liked learning about Greek myths and heroes. The online reading sounds a little bit like a robot, so you might just want to read the text instead. 


Take care and enjoy your week,

I can't wait to see what the next few days bring.


Love from


Miss Rusz





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5 Online Percy Jackon Books- Virtual Library