What we've been up to

Wat Tyler Park- 24.09.2019


Today we enjoyed a fantastic trip to Wat Tyler Park.


In the morning, we used our new knowledge of compass skills when orienteering around the country park. We had to follow directions and bearings closely in order to follow the trail and identify animal footprints.

Then, in the afternoon, we conducted an experiment with shaving foam, water and food colouring to help demonstrate the process of precipitation (it was super exciting). Afterwards, in our groups we made our own rivers with sand, a cup with a hole in and some food colouring. We used marbles and wood blocks to change how the river behaved. Lots of our rivers contained braiding, meanders, lakes, waterfalls, erosion and cliffs. 

We later explored the river at Wat Tyler Park and learnt about how the tide changes based on the moon. What an exciting day!

Finding our goal difference- 16.09.2019