Sports News

Sports Performer - 20.04.18


Congratulations Holly (St Joseph), Mrs Howell and the Southend United Coaches recognised her outstanding performance when running and throwing in their lessons this week. What a fantastic start to the term- keep up the amazing work Holly!

Sports Improver


A massive well done to James (St Joseph) for listening and responding effectively to feedback on his throwing technique during the athletics lessons this week. By the end of the lesson James had an excellent technique when throwing the javelin and the shot put- keep working hard James!



Sports Performer- 29.03.18


A massive well done to Olivia (St. Peter) who wowed us all in the netball match against Greenways this week. Olivia is a player who never gives up, tries her hardest and encourages her teammates and she certainly played a key role as GD preventing the opposition from scoring even more goals. Keep being amazing Olivia!


Sports Performer- 29.03.18


Congratulations to Lily (St. Peter) who received the award this week for her netball performance. Lily has impressed us all with her incredible improvement over the past few games, she really stood out as an amazing player to all. Keep up the hard work and fabulous effort Lily.


St George's Netball Team v Greenways- 26.3.18


On Monday 26th March the Year 5 and the Year 6 netball teams both took on Federation of Greenways. 


Year 6

Despite previous loses, the girls came out with fighting spirit, determined to win. Grace grabbed the ball, Lily leaped around like a frog, Daisy dodged her defenders, Isabel inched closer to scoring, Olivia outwitted her opponents, Maisie mastered the court, Rose refused to give up, Holly hunted down the ball and India impressed us all. 

The match was stopped at 4-0 down due to unforeseen circumstances which meant the girls were unable to fight back in the final quarter. This was their last league game however, there are tournaments to come after Easter, so we will take plenty of positives with us to the next games.


Year 5

Although the Year 5 team have only played one tournament together, they bonded well and showed excellent improvement since Alleyn Court. The girls listened to each other, they moved well and made some fantastic passes. Again, plenty of positives to take out of the game and progress to Year 6 next year. I hope to see them all continuing netball next year as they have played brilliantly and should be extremely proud of themselves- keep up the amazing work!


Miss Rusz


Sports Improver- 23.03.18


Many congratulations to Liwia (St Bernadette) for receiving the award this week. Mrs Walls nominated Liwia due to her courage and perseverance when swimming, she blossomed in confidence in the water. Keep the swimming up Liwia!


Sports Performer- 23.03.18


Congratulations Todd (St Peter) for his incredible performance against St Pierre in the football match on Wednesday. 


Football Victory! 21.3.18


Congratulations to the football team who beat St Pierre 5-1 this afternoon. This now means that St George's have won their league- fantastic effort boys!


(more to follow)


Sport Relief- Day 3 (Just Dance)

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Thank you to everybody for their generous donations so far! We've had a blast! Today we danced to Michael Jackson, Pharrell, Ghostbusters and many more. Even the teachers had a little boogie too!

Sport Relief Day 1- The Body Coach (Joe Wicks)

Sport Relief: 19th-23rd March 2018


At St George’s we are all really excited to be taking part in Sport Relief 2018! As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise money and change lives. This year, Sport Relief will be taking place in schools and nurseries between Monday 19th March and Friday 23rd March.


To do our bit and raise money we will be running various activities during break times in the school hall: Monday: Joe Wicks Fitness

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Just Dance

Thursday: Skipathon (on the playground)

Friday: Zumba


We are aiming to fill up the letters to spell ‘SPORT RELIEF’ with coins. Any loose change such as 1ps, 2ps, 5ps,10ps and 20ps as a donation for running the events would be greatly appreciated. And, the best thing is, the money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries. To learn more about how Comic Relief spends the money raised for Sport Relief please visit We really appreciate your support and hope that you’ll have fun helping our school raise lots of money for Sport Relief!

Sports Performer- 16.03.18


Congratulations Nadia (St Joseph) who received the award for 'Sports Performer' of the week. Mrs Delgado and Mrs Harris noticed how outstandingly Nadia played during the final training session this week and how incredibly hard she has worked over the past two terms. Congratulations Nadia, keep up the amazing effort!


Sports Improver- 16.03.18


Daisy O'Mahony (St Peter) has received the award for 'Improver' this week. However, Daisy has really received the award for the hard work and effort she has put in since joining the netball team in Year 5. Daisy always tries her best, she listens and she learns, she encourages and she supports and she has blossomed into a wonderful player. I really hope she continues playing at her secondary school next year! Congratulations Daisy!


Running Miles- 09.03.18



Sports Improver of the Week- 09.03.18


Georgia's success at swimming has been noticed by her teachers, swimming instructors and most importantly, her class mates. When we started swimming, Georgia was nervous but now she can swim 25m- even with a smile on her face! Keep up the amazing effort Georgia!


Sports Performer of the Week- 09.03.18


Congratulations Maddie (St Anthony Class) who received the award this week. Maddie showed great enthusiasm when playing in the netball tournament this week. Maddie was an excellent sportswoman who was happy to play in a variety of positions to help her team, she listened and responded to feedback and made some fantastic defensive moves. Keep up your hard work Maddie!


Netball Match v Alleyn Court- 09.03.18


Well done to the girls who played in the rather cold and wet match against Alleyn Court. An unfortunate score but the girls didn't give up and showed courage and fighting spirit. It's the first game of more to come, with plenty of positives to take forward- watch this space!


Olivia, Isabel, Maisie, Holly, Lily, Rose, Grace and Daisy



Netball B Tournament at Alleyn Court- 08.03.18


A massive well done to the Year 5 girls who represented the school at the Twilight tournament. Unfortunately, the results did not go our way however, this is the first time they have played together as a squad, so played extremely well under the circumstances. What fantastic girls who showed great 'sportswomanship' on International Women's Day!


Maddie, Chantelle, Adele, Orla, Florence, Ella, Alice, Catherine and Grace (not pictured)

Surprised by Southend United- 22.02.18


Every Thursday, we have coaches from Southend United run an after school football club. We have been loving having the coaches in and working on our football skills. This week, we were surprised by Southend players Stephen McLaughlin and Dru Yearwood, who came by for a Q&A session and we really learnt what it takes to become a professional footballer.


Running Miles (& Apologies) 23.02.18


At St George's, we are really running our socks off all the way from Year R to Year 6. We have been trying to run to checkpoints all over the UK by completing laps of the playground in 10 minutes, as part of a healthy and active life style! 
Here are some of the benefits running the mile can have: (

  • children become much fitter
  • a break from lessons helps children become more focused and feel invigorated
  • builds self-esteem and confidence
  • it's helpful in reducing childhood inactivity and obesity
  • it's fun and fully inclusive 


In today's assembly and the published newsletter there is an error where the YR R miles for this week have not been included, my apologies. 

Here is an updated copy of the current results

Class Total Miles Destination
Yr R 228 King's Lynn
Yr 1 309.3 Skegness
Yr 2 348.8 Skegness
Yr 3 351 Sheffield
Yr 4 384.2 Leeds
Yr 5 374.7 Sheffiled
Yr 6 400.7 Leeds


Sports Improver of the Week- 23.02.18


A massive well done to George (St Peter Class) for being nominated this week, he showed outstanding defensive skills in the games on Wednesday and even scored a cracking goal! Well done George


Sports performer of the Week- 23.02.18


Well done to Callum (St Peter class) for captaining the side towards victory on Wednesday afternoon! Congratulations for representing the school so well!


Football League


Yesterday we had our league games, where some people from year 5 & 6 went to Thorpe Hall to play football. In our games we beat Sacred Heart 6-0, then we played Thorpe Hall and we beat them 3-0. The last game we played was tight, when we played again St. Michael's but we won 1-0, thank to Aidan scoring the winner! Christian, in year 6, saved some fantastic shots and kept a clean sheet! We had great fun and all played as a team. We have 2 more league games left.


By Oliver S (St Anthony)


Improver of the Week- 9.2.18


Congratulations to Marley from St Joseph Class who won the trophy this week. Mrs Howell recognised Marley for his improvement during the Friday swimming sessions. Its great to hear that not only is he improving his skills but he is becoming more confident in water! Keep the hard work up Marley! Former winner Grace handing over the trophy

Sports Performer of the Week- 9.2.18


Congratulations to Eliana from St Joseph class who won the award this week. She has been impressing us all with her netball skills: she listens attentively; she pivots perfectly; she catches carefully! Keep being amazing!

Sports Improver of the Week


Grace (St Peter) showed amazing strength and courage at the Sportshall Athletics on Wednesday. Grace knew in herself that she could do much better, she dug in deep and gave everything she had to her next events- what a fantastic attitude and a well deserved winner!

Fred (St Bernadette) handing the trophy over to this week's winner Grace!

Sports Performer of the Week


Leandro (St Bernadette) showed amazing sportsmanship when representing St George's at last week's football tournament. He not only showed amazing skills (which led to some cracking goals) but was happy to play in any position and make way for fellow teammates and give them an opportunity to play as well. 

Leah (St Therese) handing the trophy over to our new winner Leandro


Sportshall Athletics

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Florence and Michael (year 5) spilling the beans on their time at the event!

Sportshall Athletics

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Freddie (year 4), Jessica (year 3), tell us what they got up to in the afternoon session!

Sportshall Athletics

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Todd and Maisie, our sports captains, give us the low down on the day!

Sportshall Athletics- 31.01.18


Congratulations to all that participated in the Sporthall Athletics at Garons today! Year 5&6 competed in the morning and 3&4 in the afternoon. We competed in a range of events from sprints, to obstacle relays, javelin, triple jump etc and had a wonderful time! There were some amazing throws that made the crowd go 'oohhhh' and 'ahhhh' and some really close races that had us clinging to the edge of our seats.

Thank you to all the parents and staff that helped out- without you these events can't take place

And last of all, thank you to the children for trying their best, encouraging others and being all round amazing sports men and women!


Miss Rusz