Autumn 1


All about Me

Possible Texts

Peepo!, The Colour Monster, Funny Bones


Starting school/getting to know my new class

Being me in my world

My family

Being kind and making friends

Talking about feelings

Healthy foods and oral hygeine

Communication and Language

Making friends

Children talking about experiences that are familiar to them.

Rhyming and alliteration

Sharing stories and responding to stories

Talk routines e.g.“Good morning,” for register

Role-play-home corner, doctor’s surgery

Physical Development

Climbing using the outdoor equipment

Different ways of moving & spatial awareness

Individuals to develop good personal hygiene.

Threading, cutting, weaving, playdough,

Manipulate objects with good fine motor skills .Draw lines and circles using gross motor movements Hold pencil/brush beyond whole hand grasp .

Using a mouse on the computer


Whole class and group storytimes

Practice reading sessions to develop decoding, prosidy and comprehension

Mark making skills

Starting to write initial sounds in writing activites e.g first sounds in body parts labelling


Phonic sounds:-s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d, g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r, h,b,f,l

Tricky words:-is, I the




Comparing size(amount, height, length)

Repeating patterns

Representing numbers 1,2 & 3

Comparing 1, 2 & 3

Understanding the World

Talking about their family.

Can talk about what they do with their family and places they have been

. Can draw similarities and make comparisons between other families.

Name and describe people who are familiar to them.

Talk about members of their immediate family and community.

Learning about the body and senses.  Going on a senses walk.

Expressive Art and Design

Join in with familiar songs.

Beginning to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.

Role play using resources available for props

Build models using construction equipment.

Self-portraits using paint

Exploring sounds (body percussion and instruments) and how they can be changed, tapping out of simple rhythms.

Provide opportunities to work together to develop and realise creative ideas.

Use materials to make skeletons

Make models of faces using playdoh