How do we support children who have social difficulties?

At St George’s, we aim to provide an environment where each child can feel safe, secure and enjoy school in a nurturing environment.


All staff work proactively to prevent bullying incidents. We recognise that children with SEND could be vulnerable to bullying. Our whole school approach to bullying acknowledges this vulnerability. Where there are concerns about bullying, these will be recorded and investigated, addressed and monitored by staff, where necessary, in line with the school’s anti – bullying policy.


All staff work exceptionally hard to raise self-esteem of vulnerable children by giving encouragement and recognising their effort and achievements. When needed, children are given time to talk through situations they find difficult and activities to support emotional and social development. Ongoing support can be provided and, when necessary, referrals for more specialist advice or support will be made. This may include:

  • School counsellor (Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society)
  • Social skills groups
  • Early Help
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Support from the Parallel Learning Trust (PLT)
  • Rainbows

When a child’s needs require the involvement of Social Care, we are committed to working together with all relevant agencies and parents/carers to ensure the child and their family are fully supported.