Year R Relationships and Health Education Overview

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Module 1: Religious understanding

 The creation Story

Children will learn:

  • We are created individually by God as part of His creation plan
  • We are all God’s children and are special
  • Our bodies were created by God and are good
  • We can give thanks to God!


Me, My body, my health

Children will learn:

  • We are each unique, with individual gifts, talents and skills. Whilst we all have similarities because we are made in God’s

image, difference is part of God’s plan!

  • That their bodies are good and made by God
  • The names of the parts of the body (not genitalia)
  • That our bodies are good and we need to look after the
  • What constitutes a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, diet, sleep and personal hygiene


Life cycles

Children will learn:

  • That there are natural life stages from birth to death, and what these are. 


Module 2: Personal relationships

Children will learn:

  • To identify ‘special people’ (their parents, carers, friends, parish priest) and what makes them special
  • The importance of nuclear and wider famil
  • The importance of being close to and trusting special people and telling them if something is troubling them 


Keeping safe – Safe inside & out Children will learn:

  • About safe and unsafe situations indoors and outdoors, including online
  • That they can ask for help from their special people. 


Keeping safe - My body, my rules

Children will learn:

  • To know they are entitled to bodily privacy
  • That they can and should be open with ‘special people’ they trust if anything troubles them
  • That there are different people we can trust for help, especially those closest to us who care for us, including our teachers and our parish priest 


Keeping safe: - Feeling poorly and People who help us

Children will learn:

  • Medicines should only be taken when a parent or doctor gives them to us
  • Medicines are not sweets
  • We should always try to look after our bodies because God created them and gifted them to us
  • There are lots of jobs designed to help us
  • Paramedics help us in a medical emergency
  • First Aid can be used in non-emergency situations, as well as whilst waiting for an ambulance 


Module 3: Religious Understanding

Children will learn:

  • That God is love: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • That being made in His image means being called to be loved and to love others
  • What a community is, and that God calls us to live in community with one another
  • Some Scripture illustrating the importance of living in a community
  • No matter how small our offerings, they are valuable to God and He can use them for His glory 


Living in the wider world.

Children will learn:

  • That they belong to various communities such as home, school, parish, the wider local community, nation and global community
  • That they should help at home with practical tasks such as keeping their room tidy, helping in the kitchen etc
  • That we have a duty of care for others and for the world we live in (charity work, recycling etc.)
  • About what harms and what improves the world in which we live