Summer 2


The Animal World

Possible Texts

Dear Zoo, Rumble in the Jungle, The Rainbow Fish, Commotion in the Ocean, Farmyard Hullaballoo

The Singing Mermaid


Develop confidence communicating with other adults around school-link to transition into Year 1

Develop a ‘can do’ approach to learning


Communication and Language

Read aloud books to children that will extend their knowledge of the world and illustrate a current topic. 


Select books containing photographs and pictures, for example, places with different weather, animals and seaside destinations to extend vocabulary.




Physical Development

Team games using equipment e.g. balancing a quoit on head, over and under controlling a ball, shuttle runs

Sport’s Day

Bikes and scooters

Fine motor skills activities

Correct letter formation



Consolidating use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Write a recount of school trip

Little Wandle practice reading sessions to develop decoding, prosidy and comprehension

Phonics:- long vowel sounds CVCC CCVC, long vowel sounds CCVC CCCVC CCV CCVCC, Phase 4 words ending –s /s/, Phase 4 words ending –s /z/, Phase 4 words ending –es, longer words, root word ending in: –ing, –ed /t/, –ed /id/ /ed/, –ed /d/, root word ending in: –er, –est, longer words

Tricky words-review previously taught words, secure spelling



Sharing and grouping

Even and odd

Spatial reasoning-visualise and build

Deeper understanding

Patterns and relationships

Spatial reasoning-mapping

Understanding the World

Make observations about animals discussing similarities and differences.

Learn about how to look after the world around us.


Adult/baby animals

Expressive Art and Design

Share creations, talk about the process and evaluate work.

Musical rhythm(link to Tanka Tanka book)


Role-play- Vets