Summer Term

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Year 2

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Year 6




Good News


Passing on the good news of Jesus


What is good news?

Holidays & Holydays


Pentecost; the feast of the Holy Spirit


Do we need holidays and holydays

Spread the Word


Pentecost a time to spread the good news


Why should we spread good news?



Gifts of the Holy Spirit

What’s the use of energy?!

New Life


To hear and live the Easter message


What’s so important about new life?



Celebration of the spirit’s transforming power


How can energy transform?



The Holy Spirit enables people to become witnesses


What do I want to witness in my life?

IslamPrayer matsMuhammadPrayer at homeThe mosqueThe Qur'anRamadan & PilgrimageGuidance for Muslims






Friends of Jesus


Is it good to have friends?

Being Sorry


God helps us to choose the Sacrament of reconciliation


Why should we be sorry?



Reasons for rules in Christian families

The sacrament of Reconciliation


Do we need rules?



The importance of examination of conscience

The sacrament of reconciliation


What helps me choose well?

Building Bridges


Admitting wrong, being reconciled with God and each other

Sacrament of reconciliation


Why are bridge-builders important?

Freedom & responsibility


Commandments enable Christians to be free and responsible


How do rules bring freedom?



Sacrament of the sick


Who needs healing?

Universal Church




Our World


God’s wonderful world


What makes our world so wonderful?



Neighbours share God’s World


Who is my neighbour?



God’s treasure in the world


Is the world a treasure?

Special Places


Holy places for Jesus & the Christian


What makes a place special?

God’s people


Different saints show people what God is like


Why do some people do extraordinary things?



The church is called to the stewardship of creation


Can I be a steward of creation?

Common Good


Work of the common worldwide family


How can we work together to build a just and fair world?