Year 1 Computing


We use the Teach Computing scheme of work to deliver the computing curriculum to ensure full coverage and progression in this specialised area. The children are also given opportunities to use their computing skills in other areas of the curriculum using desk top computers, laptops, chrome books and tablets.


Computing systems and networks

Creating media

Programming A

Data and information

Creating media

Programming B

Technology around us Recognising technology in school and using it responsibly

Digital painting Choosing appropriate tools in a program to create art, and making comparisons with working non-digitally

Moving a robot

Writing short algorithms and programs for floor robots, and predicting program outcomes.

Grouping data Exploring object labels, then using them to sort and group objects by properties.

Digital writing

Using a computer to create and format text, before comparing to writing non-digitally


Programming animations Designing and programming the movement of a character on screen to tell stories.



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