Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that children need to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education with a wide range of enriching experiences. These experiences reflect the child’s environment and develop their many skills such as resilience and confidence, as well as promoting their social interactions, their relationships and culture.


Examples of some of the experiences are:

  • Find where you live on a street map
  • Find where the school is on a street map
  • Construct a Family Tree
  • Investigate your family genealogy 
  • Produce fossil rubbings
  • Write in hieroglyphics 
  • Create a pinhole camera
  • Sing as part of the school choir
  • Take part in a carol service 
  • Visit the War Memorial in Shoebury 
  • Listen to music from a different continent and compose a piece of music linked to the sound
  • Prepare a snack from your own culture
  • Design and make a board game 
  • Learn a French song
  • Tell your class about a favourite book 
  • Prepare a fruit kebab
  • Take part in a Roman banquet
  • Create a mosaic
  • Find a geographical world record to share with your class
  • Make ice cream
  • Visit a castle