How do children access the curriculum?

At St George’s we aim to give all children, including those with SEN, access to a rich, varied wide ranging curriculum. To help ensure every child is meeting their potential, we adopt a wide range of approaches to support children’s learning including:

  • Lessons which are carefully planned, differentiated and tailored to suit all children.
  • Creating stimulating environments both in and outdoors
  • A variety of visual and sensory resources to support learning.
  • Personalised provision for all pupils, including those with SEN and/or disabilities.
  • Adult support planned and adapted by the class teacher.  This may be delivered through an LSA, or a qualified teacher working within the classroom, or where appropriate this teaching may take place in a more suitable environment. 
  • We make reasonable adjustments to enable children with SEND to access trips and extra-curricular activities with appropriate support enabling them to have equal access and opportunities.