Summer 1


Up the Beanstalk

Possible Texts

Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip, The Hungry Caterpillar


Taking turns in board games

Working as a group

Healthy eating-fruit and vegetables

Caring for the environment


Communication and Language

Re-read some favourite stories/ stories used in our learning to revisit and consolidate vocabulary and events.

Children will be able to have conversations with adults and peers with back-and-forth exchanges.

Children will use talk in sentences using a range of tenses.

Physical Development

Rolling a ball to a target

Stopping a rolling ball

Accuracy when throwing to a target

Bouncing & catching a ball

Dribbling a ball

 Kicking a ball

Bikes and scooters

Fine motor skills activities

Correct letter formation


Whole class and group storytimes

Children encouraged to develop skills beyond recall

Writing a diary

Develop sentence writing

Labelling parts of a part

Labelling life cycles

Little Wandle Practice reading sessions to develop decoding, prosody and comprehension

Phonics:- short vowels CVCC, short vowels CVCC CCVC, short vowels CCVCC CCCVC CCCVCC longer words, longer words compound words, root words ending in: –ing, –ed /t/, –ed /id/ /ed/ –est

Tricky words:- said, so, have, like, some, come, love, do, were, here, little, says,  there, when, what, one, out, today


Building numbers beyond 10

Counting patterns beyond 10

Spatial reasoning-match, rotate, manipulate

Adding more

Taking away

Spatial reasoning-compose and decompose (shapes)


Understanding the World

Know about features of the immediate environment.

Make observations about plants discussing similarities and differences.  

Minibeast hunt

Planting seeds

Caring for caterpillars/butterflies

Look at life cycles of animals such as butterflies, frogs and chickens.

Push/pull forces