Autumn term 2



Christmas homework

For your Christmas writing task, write about your Christmas traditions. If you have a family member from a different country/culture, I would love to hear about their traditions too. Include a description of what you do over the Christmas period, how presents are received, what food it eaten, Christmas decorations etc.... You can even bring in photos!


Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant new year. I look forward to welcoming you all back in the spring term.


Love from Mrs Bracknell and the Year 6 team x



Please continue to read daily and review your spellings from this term. For maths, please complete the algebra activities on MyMaths. For your written task, please complete a book review on a book you have read this term. It can be about a book we have read in class or a book you have read at home. A book review template will be sent home to complete, or you can design your own (paper or computer).



Well done for working so hard in your most recent SATs practice papers - a great start to our SATs preparation!


Please continue to read daily and review your spellings from earlier in the week. For maths, can you complete the tasks on ratio and proportion. This is to revise the most recent work we have done in the past two weeks. For your writing task, please find out the role of women during WW2. What jobs were available for women during this time? 





Well done for a fantastic WW2 day - you all did brilliantly well!


Please continue to read daily and review your spelling list. For your writing/art task, please design a WW2 poster with a slogan. The theme of the poster can either advertise evacuation or rationing.


The mymaths task from last week's homework did not save - it is now uploaded. Please complete any tasks that have not yet been complete.



War time recipes - as requested :)



Please remember that Friday 25th November is our 'WW2 day'. Please dress up as an evacuee or come in your normal school uniform.


Please continue to review your weekly spellings and read daily. Please attempt the mymaths tasks about measurement, based on our most recent unit in maths.

For your writing task, please research what an Anderson shelter is. Include a picture or drawing. This is in preparation for our D&T task this term.




Please review the term 2 spellings that you have covered with Mrs Arnold and continue to read daily. For your writing task, please research the 'Christmas Truce' that took place during WW1. Please write in the voice of a soldier who witnessed the Truce. Your work can be hand written or typed.

For maths, you will be given a selection of fraction based questions, to review some of the work we have been doing in maths. Please write on the sheet.


Additional homework set by Mrs Gillet:

Festive Card Competition

Over the next few weeks, Mrs Gillett would like you to participate in the Purple Mash Festive Card Competition. You will need to design a festive image using ‘2Paint’ in Purple Mash. You will need to save your work in the My Work folder and then share it on the correct display board for your age. The winning design will become the official Purple Mash festive card and the winners will be awarded 50 printed copies of your card, a £20 Amazon voucher and a Goody Bag. The card will also be made into an ecard through Purple Mash. The closing date for the competition is 24th November. Click on the link below to see how to submit your design. Good luck everyone!