Spring 2

 Ticket to Ride!

Possible Texts

Rosie’s Walk, The Train Ride, The Naughty Bus, Mr Gumpy’s Outing, Whatever Next!


Turn taking playing games

People Who help us (including emergency vehicles)

Building relationships with other children in the school community

Working together with peers  in construction & role-play activities

Communication and Language

Develop vocabulary and use throughout the day

Retelling stories & story language 

Sustained focus when listening/ responding to stories

Following instructions

Take part in discussions

Understand how to listen carefully/ why listening is important


Physical Development

Create shapes with body

 Jumping and landing safely

 Rocking & rolling

Travelling on and over apparatus

Create a sequence of movements

Balancing & safely using apparatus

Threading, cutting, weaving, playdough,

Correct letter formation.


Children have a greater understanding of what they have read through more complex questioning

Continue to develop story language

Story maps

Writing simple sentences

Writing labels

Little Wandle practice reading groups

Phonics sounds:-Review Phase 3 sounds:- ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, oo, ow, oi, ear, ur, air

Words with double letters, longer words, words with two or more digraphs, words ending –ing, compound words, words with ‘s’ in middle, words ending in ‘s’ and ‘es’

Tricky words-review previously taught words


Length and height


Representing and sorting 9 and 10

Ordering numerals to 10

Composition of 9 and 10

Comparing numbers to 10

Number bonds to 10

3D shapes

Spatial awareness


Understanding the World

Geographical features

Learn about people who help us within the community.

 Discover facts about our planet Earth and space.


Transport now and in the past


Recycling and looking after the environment

Expressive Art and Design


Map making

Using musical instruments to make transport noises

Move in time to music

Dance- Links to journeys

Space art

Chalk pictures

Roleplay- train station, spaceship, Bus, boat