School Day

The total number of teaching hours, excluding breaks, assembly and registration is: Infants – 22 hours per week, Juniors – 23.5 hours per week.


The playground gates are open from 8.30am every morning. We ask that parents remain with their children, or an adult is supervising them until 8.45am, when staff come onto the playground to greet the children. Children may enter the school building from 8.45am and should be ready to start the school day when the internal bell is sounded at 8.55am. Staff will be available for messages about children. For urgent appointments, parents should approach the school office who will ensure the teacher and/or Head Teacher is informed.


At 10.15am there is a 15 minute supervised playtime for the infants, during which time they will receive free fruit. At 10.30am junior children have their 15 minute break and can enjoy fruit or other healthy snacks provided by their parents.


The Angelus prayer signals the end of the morning session and the beginning of lunch for infants and juniors. Lunch break begins at 12.00pm and ends at 1.00pm for all children. The school day ends at 3.15pm. Reception class are collected by their parents from the gate to their outdoor classroom. Other infant children are met by their parents at the gate to the infant fenced area. Infant children remain with their teacher until parents arrive.


Year 3 and 4 children are also escorted to the fenced area in the playground and Year 5 and 6 pupils leave by their classroom doors onto the playground. Their teacher will stay until all of the children are collected but all children should be collected on time. If parents know that they will be late we ask them to notify the school beforehand so that we can reassure the children and keep them safe in the building until they are collected. Please note that this should only happen in an emergency situation as we do not have staff available to supervise children at the end of the day.


If another adult is to collect a child other than their parent/carer, a letter or message is necessary on the day concerned. If this is to be a regular event, one note at the beginning of term stating the arrangement will suffice.


School assemblies
Opportunities for daily acts of collective worship take place in school on the following basis:

Monday: Whole School Assembly
Tuesday: KS1 and KS2 Assemblies
Wednesday: Hymn Practice
Thursday: Class assembly (for parents)
Friday: Whole School ‘Celebration’ Assembly ~ pupils present achievements and successes during the week to the rest of the school.