Year 6 Relationships and Health Education Overview

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Gifts and talents

This lesson looks at differences and similarities between people as they grow and mature. The children will discover that self-confidence arises from being loved from God.

Spots and sleep

The children will learn about making good choices which have a positive impact on their health i.e. rest/sleep, avoiding the overuse of electronic entertainment, etc…

Seeing stuff online

The children will explore the emotional and mental impact that videos and images of an adult nature can have on children and young people, particularly pornography.

Do you want a piece of cake?

The children will learn what consent and bodily autonomy means. They will also

explore different scenarios in which it is right to say ‘no’.


The children will explore how to chat safely online and discuss the impact cyberbullying can have, and what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable online. They will also learn how they can report and get help if they encounter inappropriate messages or


Girls bodies and boys bodies

The children will discover the unique growth of the human body and learn about changes that occur during puberty. The children will also discuss how to respect their bodies and the need for modesty and


Body image

The children are taught to recognise that images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves.

Menstruation and making babies 1

The children will recap menstruation and learn how a baby grows and develops in its mother’s womb.


The children will learn about self-talk’ and to consider how our thoughts and feelings not only impact on our well-being but also our friendships and

relationships with others.

Types of abuse

The children will be introduced to the term ‘abuse’ and discuss the different kinds of abuse, including sexual. They will be asked to think of trusted adults that they can talk to about any issues they may face.

Emotional changes

The children will learn about how emotions change as they grow up. They will discover how to deal with feelings that can feel uncontrollable and develop a greater understanding of things that help their emotional well-being.

Peculiar feelings

The children will observe and discuss how people behave and react to their feelings and emotions, and how these feelings can change quickly. They will also discover how some behaviour is wrong, unacceptable, unhealthy or risky.

Making babies 2

The children will learn the basic scientific facts about sexual intercourse between a man and woman and the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual implications of sexual intercourse. The will also explore the Christian viewpoint that sexual intercourse should be saved for marriage.

Sharing isn’t always caring The children will learn about making safe and sensible decisions about what content to share or not share, including photos, passwords and other personal information.

Making good choices

The children will consider scenarios where people feel pressured to use substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. They will also be encouraged to use their scientific knowledge and religious understanding to cope with pressured situations and make good choices.

Under pressure

The children will learn about spoken and unspoken pressure that they might experience, particularly from their peers. They will explore strategies that they can adopt to resist pressure.

Impacted lifestyles

The children will learn how substances such as drugs, alcohol and

tobacco can impact on people’s lifestyles and inhibit the body’s natural functioning.