Provision available for children with SEND



Communication and Interaction

Autistic Spectrum Disorders


  • Access to specialist teaching advice from The St Christopher School
  • Social stories
  • Visual supports
  • Sensory support
  • Educational Psychology Service


Speech, Language and Communication Needs


  • Access to Speech and Language specialist
  • Individualised speech and language programmes from Speech and Language Therapy Service



Cognition and Learning

Moderate Learning Needs



  • Interventions – small group and individual
  • Educational Psychology Service


Specific Learning Needs


  • Assessment to devise a bespoke programme of study
  • Education Psychology Service
  • Specialised programmes that develop co-ordination; gross and fine motor skills


Social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Social Needs


  • Social Skills groups
  • External 1:1 or small group sessions
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Buddy system on playground

Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties


  • Access to school counsellor
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Access to EWMHS
  • Rainbows support group
  • Self esteem program (external)


Sensory and/or Physical Needs




Hearing Impairment



  • Access to hearing impairment


  • Educational Psychology Service

Visual Impairment


  • VI specialist via Kingsdown Special School
  • Touch typing lessons
  • Physical environment audit


Multi-Sensory Impairment


  • Risk assessment and individualised support


Medical Needs




  • Specialist support
  • Access to specialist nurses
  • Access to school nurse
  • Care plan
  • Medical room
  • Secure storage for medication
  • Health Care Plans