Our Respect Message

Our Respect message reflects the attitude of our school community.


At St George’s


we give



we get


We all play a highly positive role in creating a respectful school environment where similarities and differences are valued, celebrated and nurtured. Unkind or bullying behaviour is never tolerated. 


As a school, we know and understand key messages about Respect.


Respect means that you take care of people whether they are similar or different to you 

Respect is treating other people how you want to be treated

Respect is looking after other people's things

Respect is taking care of yourself

Respect is telling the truth and saying sorry when you are wrong

Respect is when you care how your words and things you do affect others

Respect is the freedom to be loved for who you are


As a school community, some of the ways we show respect are:

we share, we listen, we congratulate others, we follow rules, we help others, we are kind and polite online, we include everyone, we see things from others point of view


The children, staff and governors are encouraged to wear our unique Respect badge to share and remind our community that respect is at the core of how we treat others and present ourselves.